You may not yet realise how much the below news is Big Time news; it is bound to make mega waves in our industry... We truly hope though, this major story does bring seismic changes to the advertising field in the Middle East.
It's Big Time about time all players start abiding to a code of ethics when practicing the Art of Communication, as advertising isn't a game, nor another job... Advertising is Art, made for artists by artists... It is clearly understood that Artists are no cheaters, no imitators, no followers... What an embarrassing situation for FP7!!
However, and as the saying goes: "IF THE SHOE FITS, WEAR IT!" It's a lesson to learn for all; It has already entered history; and while the Dubai Lynx Awards have managed to save their image & reputation, FP7 Doha needs Big Time PR experts to save their ass--actually the Creative Director's ass, namely Fady Yaish--from this unprecedented crisis that could easily drag the agency down the whole! Whatever they do, whatever they say, it's KO!!
Affaire à Suivre...
1 April 2009 - BREAKING NEWS---
The organisers of the 3rd Dubai Lynx Awards announced today that they are withdrawing the Agency of the Year award from FP7 Doha and the trophy will subsequently now not be awarded this year.
Investigations after this year's award show have revealed numerous examples of work from FP7 Doha that did not meet the Dubai Lynx entry criteria and subsequently their 18 submissions and the associated seven awards have been withdrawn.
Those awards were: 1 Gold Print campaign, 1 Gold TV/Cinema campaign, 3 Silver Print campaigns, 1 Silver Outdoor campaign and 1 Bronze TV/Cinema campaign.
In addition, ten pieces, which were shortlisted in the Print and Outdoor sections, were also disqualified.
"Even before the awards night we had withdrawn a number of pieces of work from the competition but subsequently our investigation has found other pieces that were presented to the jury that infringed our requirement that all work presented must represent the client who approved it. Our rules are very clear with regards to this, and we have no hesitation in withdrawing these awards;"
"The Dubai Lynx Awards exist to celebrate and raise the creative bar of genuine work of the region. Activities like this show a disregard not only for the Awards but more importantly for the juries who work so hard judging the event. Due to the scale of withdrawals we feel it inappropriate to honour FP7 Doha as Agency of the Year and so will be withdrawing the prize. I hope that this swift action makes clear our determination to build an award with true integrity for the region."
--Philip Thomas, Dubai Lynx CEO.
"In taking such swift action the Lynx organisers have demonstrated their understanding that in order to fulfill the purpose of incentivising and rewarding creative excellence in the region, Lynx must safeguard compliance with the stated conditions of eligibility. To do otherwise would be to undermine credibility."
--Dr. Lance de Masi, IAA - UAE Chapter.
The Dubai International Advertising Festival and Lynx Awards, which took place on March 15-17 2009 are held in association with the IAA - UAE Chapter.


Jesus & the nuns in a middle of a big controversy

Silver Lynx Award in Print category for CD Fady Yaish and his agency FP7 Doha.
Where the hell such a godawful ad appear? It can't possibly have been published in any any media in the Middle East!! It would have made some big time noise, as it looks truly disrespectful and indecent [that's the least one can say...]
As a matter of fact, Dubai Lynx organisers are investigating to make sure that Samsung have approved this ad & it did have run somewhere across the region...
Hmmm! Will wait for the other shoe to drop, as this one smells really bad...


Imitation or one more suprising coincidence?

Aramex campaign designed by FP7 Qatar
CD: Fadi Yaish
Dubai Lynx recently handed a Gold Award in the outdoor category for Aramex campaign designed by FP7 Doha.
Here at ArabAd, we were stunned to stumble across a similar concept and execution designed by DDB Brazil for a competitive brand: Fed Ex that is!
Yep, no one but Fed Ex... How surprising!!!
Fed Ex campaign designed By DDB Brazil -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
The exit argument has always been "Great Minds think alike..."
Well great! & NO COMMENTS...
But a copycat ad handed a Gold Dubai Lynx Award, ain't that too much? Too bad...
See for yourself, then draw your own conclusions...
Last time, we pinpointed a copycat ad (See below: Chateau Musar, Chateau Kefraya), the feedback was puzzling...you can check it out in ArabAd March issue...In short, the reply was: yeah, so what?! Everyone copies anyone, that's life, that's how advertising works; and the best awards are loaded with copycats and the likes; you are wasting your time busting imitators, it's nothing but a normal behaviour in our industry.... I swear that was one of the replies; the second letter just claimed having never ever seen the original ad...Huuuh yeah, right! They work in advertising but never notice the ads around...So funny, we might die!

Spring/Summer 09

Here are two out of the seven visuals of Harvey Nichols' campaign designed by Y&R Dubai & awarded a Bronze Lynx in the Print category.

Heat Fast. Cook Fast

Coroli Corn Oil campaign designed by creative director Fady Yaish of FP7 Doha was awarded a Bronze Lynx in the Print category.
click on image to enlarge

Seafood with a Japanese Twist

TBWA\RAAD Dubai was awarded a Bronze Lynx for its ad of Beirut Eight Restaurant.

Gentlemen start your thinking

A campaign for the RTA (Road & Safety Authority) of Dubai was awarded a Bronze Lynx; this road safety awareness campaign was designed by FP7 Doha; creative director Fady Yaish.

Stories speaking loud...

A bronze Lynx award in the print category was handed to JWT Dubai for their Virgin Audio Books campaign

Wood Glue for Worst Case Scenarios

Henkel's Pattex Wood Glue campaign designed by TBWA\RAAD Middle East UAE was awarded a Bronze Lynx Award in Print category

Overcome your Fear of the Spill

Leo Burnett Dubai was awarded a Lynx Bronze in Print category for Procter & Gamble Tide campaign.

Alluring Aromas

A Print Bronze Lynx Award for Impact BBDO Beirut and Prill ad of Obegi Consumer Products

Don't Forget...

A bronze Lynx Award in the print category for 3M Post-it campaign designed by FP7 Doha

23 pages in 23 seconds

Samsung Printer campaign designed by FP7 Doha was awarded a Silver Print Lynx award; click to enlarge images

Keep your eyes on the road

GMC Acadia public awareness campaign is designed by Leo Burnett Dubai ; it was awarded a Silver Print Lynx on March 17 at the Dubai Lynx Award Ceremony.

8 out of 10 accidents....

General Motors Road Safety Campaign by Leo Burnett Dubai awarded a Lynx Silver for Chevrolet 'living room, kitchen & office' print advertisements.
Click on pix to enlarge

High Performance Industrial Tools

DeWalt ambient campaign designed by FP7 Doha won a bronze Lynx Award.

New colours to chew

A bronze Lynx award for an all colour campaign by FP7 Doha for Babol chewing gum

The King of Multi-Tools

Leatherman campaign by FP7 Dubai won a Lynx Bronze Award in outdoor category.

Dial Anywhere...

Henkel Dial Sanitizer (office, park, couch) campaign by TBWA\RAAD Middle East UAE won a Lynx Bronze in the outdoor category

With anti-blink feature

A silver Lynx in outdoor category for this Samsung (students) camera ad designed by FP7 Doha.

ArabAd Peace Poster Design Contest

ArabAd Peace Poster Design Contest