Absolut Cigarettes

Absolut Creativity for our favorite cigs though very similar to Absolut Vodka ads (the fingerprint one-"genuine identity" is a copycat of the absolut one!); nevertheless, we still find them genuinely artistic .. Enjoy!

We keep walking

BRIDGES or NO BRIDGES, WE KEEP WALKING... A great message of optimism & determination to go fwd with this huge billboard seen on Zalka highway & done after the cessation of hostilities on Lebanon on August 14th. by Leo Burnett - Beirut


Firefox crop

Does the sudden appearance of a Firefox crop circle imply which browser extraterrestrials prefer? Planned in under two weeks and completed in under 24 hours, the crop circle had a final diameter of 220 feet. The circle was done in an oat field in Oregon, where it was completely invisible from the road but unmistakable from the sky. The team consisted of 12 people. Check out the full photo gallery here!


Peace not WAR

Peace Not War Designer: Karen Brown Member of: GDC - Graphic Designers of Canada The poster was created for the exhibition, Lest We Forget Canadian Designers on War . Poppies in a bomb-shaped vase represents a distinctly Canadian perspective on war and peace.

Souvenir Souvenir....

SUMMER 2006 - NO COMMENT! but visually astonishing we must reckon!! Rare or/and well done?!


Design for peace II

Artwork by Venom Yum Venom Yum is an independent graphics bureau & art project collective. Originated in Denmark, but working & living between Copenhagen & Tokyo. This is what he has to say about his conception of PEACE: "People always talk about peace - but whose peace is it really? Who will cave in and who will sacrifice something to keep the peace? And if only one of the parts involved get their decision through - will the final peace in the end contain a dark seed for a new war?" http://www.venomyum.com

Art petition

Drafted Art

is an Israeli collective "opposed to the war, to the Israeli army’s horrible bombardment of Lebanon and to Hezballah’s firing of rockets onto northern Israel. Many of us have signed petitions, participated in demonstrations and distributed important information through the media and internet. These are important actions, but they also increase the feeling of helplessness. There are no magic answers. Every action is a step towards a just resolution. Instead of being comprised of just names, this exhibition is a petition consisting of visual signatures (using design, photography, comics, painting, video, etc.). We are recruiting our creativity and talent for the fight against war. It is with a love for Israel, a love for Lebanon and a love for the entire Middle East, with true patriotism and love for our homeland, for mankind and for peace, that we call for the immediate ceasefire of shelling and all military activities, the release of Lebanese, Palestinian and Israeli prisoners and hostages, negotiations with any party that is willing including the Lebanese and Syrian governments, Hamas, and, if possible, Hezballah as well".


Peace PLZ

Posters design from Gilles Dupuis's blog, 'des mots et des images' (words & pictures)..

Design 4 PEACE

Visual reactions of artists and designers from Turkey towards the situation in the Middle East since July 2006; found on low res reaksiyon website. "low res reaksiyon" is a NOMAD initiative. NOMAD was founded in 2002 as an independent formation and registered as "association" in 2006. It targets to produce and experiment new patterns in the digital art sphere by using various lenses of other disciplines. The core of the formation consists of designers, engineers, architects, curators and writers. The infrastructure is based on technical and theoretical levels to provide collaborations with affiliations of artists.

ArabAd Peace Poster Design Contest

ArabAd Peace Poster Design Contest