the three stripes dive

Agency: Impact BBDO Beirut

Mother nature

Santal ad by Impact BBDO Beirut


Rebuilding Lebanon

Rebuilding Lebanon for Jordan River Foundation by IDEA-JWT, Amman. A silver awarded ad for Public Awareness Messages (non governmental) at the Jordan Ad Awards 07 If you'd like to see the Lebanese flags in different shapes and colours, click here If you'd like to see more awarded ads from Jordan click here If you'd like to see twisted flags click here


Uncensored, Uncut, Unedited

Poster campaign developped by Leo Burnett, UAE for Showtime to highlight the fact that movies broadcasted by the channel are uncensored, uncut, unedited, as "UNCUT MOVIES TELL A DIFFERENT STORIES & EDITED MOVIES REDUCE THE FUN.


Yelleh ma bysa7al 3anak...

"It's Wonderful to stay in touch Whatever you have to say, Whenever you say it and however you want to say it... mtc touch is there for you. So go ahead touch someone with your words."
By Saatchi& Saatchi Beirut.
The new Zain brand motto, "A wonderful World" is certainly an extension of the debut of mtc touch and the punchline used back then, "it's wonderful to stay in touch..." "Everyone has something to say", is another slogan adapted by mtc touch in all its advertising communications; This one has a political connotation, as it saw the light with Independence Intifada, Cedar Revolution, Cedar Spring or just Independence 05; triggered by the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri on February 14, 2005, It is also known as the Arab Spring in reference to Prague Spring. A corporate communication that symbolises Freedom of Speech, tolerance and respect to everyone's opinion. Bottom line: it reflects positively on mtc touch brand value. "Everyone has something to say" hints at or is inspired by the massive gatherings organised by the opposition led by charismatic Sayed Hassan on March 8 & the 14 of March rally of cry and anger.
As a result, "Everyone has something to say", so LET IT BE!

Magic is Huge & Touch is Magic

This is one of the four visuals, designed by Saatchi & Satchi, CD Samer Younes, to introduce the 'Magic' roaming service of mtc touch in Lebanon. For more on this campaign visit ArabAD Creative Archive mtc touch in Lebanon still goes by the touch nickname, maybe because Zain's wonderful world philosophy don't fit within such a chaotic country... But joke aside--cuz this is absolutely not the case-- Zain brand is planning to bid for a majority stake in a Lebanese mobile phone operator, Kuwaiti al-Rai newspaper reported last 0ct 07, citing Zain's chief executive officer, Dr. Al Barrak. Lebanon was considering selling majority stakes in its two state mobile firms in February 2008 to raise as much as $7 billion. However, the government has postponed the auction of Lebanon's two cellular companies from February 22 to May 1 to await the creation of a national unity government and of course to agree on Baaba Palace resident name. mtc touch was officially launched in Lebanon in 2004 and Saatchi&Saatchi Beirut were the agency behind touch brand identity development and are still handling all advertising related services in Lebanon, KSA, Jordan, Iraq & Bahrein. You can check ArabAd Tidbits from time to time if you're interested in staying plugged with the Arab Business & communications world.


Get Dirty

"Any excuse to get dirty" reads this visual for Axe Shower Gel
Agency: Lowe MENA Dubai
CD : Dominic Stallard, Clinton Manson Photographer: Clive Stewart


Pasta Mafia

Gold Awards at Jordan Advertising Awards 07 by Team Y&R
For more creative Awards from Jordan log on to ArabAd Creative Archive--Click Here

I have an affair...

"I have an affair with fashion" is Etoile boutique's slogan. By CD Karim Achy, Euro RSCG Beirut

Play longer

"Let your kids play longer" reads this ad for Nivea cream designed by TBWA\RAAD, Dubai.


Solidarity is a form of Art

Fabulous ad from DDB Milano for VW sponsoring the Nobel Committee for the Disabled with the punch line "Solidarity is a Form of Art" - SIMPLY BRILLIANT! Creative Directors: Francesco Emiliani, Enrico Bonomini Click HERE for an added delight from VW

The last puff

A simple idea entitled the last puff aims to discourage people from smoking. And since people like to collect ashrays, so using a related visual metaphor to translate that Smoking Kills might make them feel repulsive. Though not sure it is that effective rather soft and 'cute'. Agency: United Media Services, Muscat CD: Surajit Guha AD: Jaffer Vemmully Copywriter: Surajit Guha


Fast Line, Quick Death

'Life Line' is a smart and innovative approach to Road Safety ad for Volvo by Memac Ogylvy & Mather Dubai

Slow down

This brilliant road safety ad by Leo Burnett Dubai for General Motors got a Crital award at Lebanon Mena Cristal held at Mzaar Intercontinenatl in 2006 for NGOs, Charities, Aid Organisations, Public Awareness Campaigns.


A public Awareness ad for Emirates Diagnostics Clinic to "have a mammogram before it's too late". Designed by Saatchi & Saatchi Dubai, CD Ed Jones, it made its impact on the jury of the Dubai Lynx jury in 2007 and got rewarded with a Gold Lynx for Commercial Public Services [ Hospitals, Healthcare facilities & Medical Services ]

The Economist that keep som warm

"Freedom From Hunger Week" won the (Silver Lynx) for Public Health & Safety, Public Awareness, Fundraising & Appeals at Dubai Lynx Awards, 2007. Eradication of Poverty is the message and cause Emirates Today/Evening Post wanted to endorse and convey. Designed by Team Y&R Abu DHABI it is one of the entries that will take part in the first worldwide IAA SRC AWARD in asociation with ACT . You still have time to submit all public awareness ads designed in 2007, go to ArabAd TIDBITS blog for more details or just fly to IAA Washington in April 2008 to be part of and check WHAT'S NEXT?

Don't Think Kill


Hold your tears, last drop of water

Mena Cristal Awards, 2006 (Cristal) for NGOs, Charities, Aid Organisations, Public Awareness Campaigns by DDB Levant, Beirut

Can you read between the lines


"We Read Between the lines"  is Analyseize motto - this beautiful visual designed by Kroma Advertising snatched the Gold in Recruitment & Management Services print category at Jordan Advertising Awards 07. TO VIEW A GREATER SELECTION FROM JORDAN ADVERTISING AWARD 2007 LOG ON ArabAd CREATIVE ARCHIVE-


Stand staight & forget the chair

Sit twisted and talk straight is an approximate translation of the copy; something that sounds like,'You don't have to be straight as an arrow but must be plain-spoken'. Many were slow to grasp this outdoor advertising message - and i reckon being extra slow myself, as, to start with, I never managed, to read the crowded copy like in one shot to be able to get it. But since it was the talk of the town, figured out with some help... Communication meant basically to inform the whole country about the availability of the new service from Ogero; the service --for land line phones -- made, at last, international lines possible and accessible from home. Nevertheless, the ad conveys a stronger political message tainted with mockery, a mega obvious farce calling for a straight President who will have to talk straight, sit straight and work straight. I like this play on words that surely made our ex-president think a bit about how we think of him---though not so sure on this one! but am sure he got a bit paranoid at the campaign view wondering if it was addressed to him. It is a funny situation...But it is worthy noting too that many didn't even get the joke if there is one .. One morning, the campaign disappeared from the public eye view, deleted as fast as a lightning, Mazzé-Syrian style with no explanation from anyone, no nothing... All what was left is that added service from Ogero Telecom - yeah that wasn't a joke after all--and an option to call friends and family living abroad to narrate how absurd is the living in Lebanon and how amusing is everything else. Fortunately all is made of non stop laughable laughs. Life is just a Beach in Crazy Beirut!! Ad for Ogero made by CD Sami Saab of Publicis. Graphics, Beirut.


A brave New World

H&C Leo Burnett, Beirut created this AIZONE campaign developing a theme aimed at lifting the general mood in Lebanon. The “Brave New World” pertinent communication ran across the country last April 07, using mainly outdoor media. The campaign was divided into three separate visuals showing different aspects of this brave world according to the fashion store: Progress, big ideas and joie-de-vivre; it incorporated graffiti art, an innovative approach in advertising expression in Lebanon, and it reminded the viewer of Soviet-era propaganda posters. Italian photographer Matteo Linguiti shot the cast in Milan and Fabio Berton, a designer famous for his work for MTV, came up with the graphics. The result was a fresh, daring and uplifting creative message in in line with Aizone brand identity and spirit. Creative Team Celine Khoury - Associate Creative Director Roula Ghalayini - Associate Creative Director Amin Kurani - Copywriter Communication Team Carol Hanna - Group Communication Director Nathalie Edde - Communication Supervisor Yanal Hanna - Senior Communication Executive

X-MAS cheese

Designed by Team Y&R, Cozmo's X-mas cheese and cold cuts is a Gold winner in retail outlets category, at Jordan Advertising Award 07

AL Arabiya Knows More

Al Arabiya’s forceful “Know More” advertising campaign, designed by Grey Worldwide, kicked off at the end of June 2007 to emphasize Al Arabia’s commitment in providing reliable and credible information. Based on a concept of ideology-free news, the print ads feature the news channel journey: depicting political and socio-economic scenes, interpreting the events in people’s daily lives with the belief that changing individual perceptions can lead to societal change. Since the channel’s debut five years ago, Al Arabiya has become renowned as one of the Middle East’s most reputable news organization, along the way changing viewers understanding of Arabic-language media. Crucially, it has maintained its image as one of the most knowledgeable and ethical broadcasters. “Know More” is a rallying cry for the voice of the Arab identity. It is the lens through which Al Arabiya global news coverage is framed.


To comment or not to comment? Well, it's O SòO`O Funny! O TV is Michel Aoun's Own TV station. The Lebanese infamous GENERAL launched recently his Own private TV and branded it O for Orange, probably his favourite colour selected to dressed up his party and its entire corporate identity.


SAVE WATER says Louai & ACT

This public awareness ad was part of the ACT event in Cannes last year,  where only 11 Middle Eastern agencies joined their voices and creativity to encourage socially responsible practices and trigger greater awareness in major issues. Kuwaiti-based local agency Paragon one of the very few from the region, and a loyal participant in ACT, sent out the above featured social advertising work:   'Save Water' was Paragon's focal issue and entry in the print category. TO VIEW ALL MIDDLE EASTERN ENTRIES of ACT 2007, GO TO ArabAd CREATIVE ARCHIVE


This ad designed by Impact / BBDO, Beirut to Support Children Cancer Center of Lebanon was exhibited in Cannes last year as part of the ACT event.

The objective of this ad was to raise funds for the Children�s Cancer Center of Lebanon. The use of children's building blocks to write the word support and leaving out the letter U was meant to emphasise that the cause to support children with cancer is only missing one thing and that is you.

Since its birth in 2001, ACT has become the heart of responsible advertising, which goal is to promote creative work and inspiring messages created by agencies from all continents. Every year Advertising Community Together (ACT) encourages the ad community to share its vision, important messages, and focal issues, to increase awareness and influence people for better practices. To participate this year click HERE, as deadline for entries' submissions was extended till Jan, 31st and will compete at IAA World Congress in Washington, April 2008. 11 participant ads came from 5 agencies of the Middle East, a very weak participation according to Geraldine Aragou, ACT collection manager who expressed its surprise to ArabAd magazine wondering about the reasons behind this frail participation: “we really would like to show more creations from this part of the world, we think they probably do great work about out subjects and we don’t understand why they are not participating more”. ACT 2007 received 400 entries tackling sustainable development issues; 105 agencies from 33 different countries took part in this annual event. They competed on the basis of subject importance and of course creativity. The exhibition--spread across 1000sqm-- held at the Palais du Festival during Cannes Advertising Festival, attracted 5000 visitors, a 43 % increase from last year.

smoking minds

Creative Director: Ali Roumani


Imprisoned, Tortured, Abused

Amnesty International Campaign (Imprisoned, Tortured, Abused) by JWT Dubai. This campaign was awarded the Grand Prix in Magazine category at the Cristal MENA in 2007, held in Faraya at the Intercontinental Mzaar Hotel.

Did you know that speed kills?

Agency: Grey Worldwide, UAE Client: Bridgestone

Play IT Clean

An Ad as simple as Marhaba (hello) yet as strong as the message it conveys: "KEEP THE GAME CLEAN". Calling for cordial play and apolitical behaviourism in sport, this metaphoric visual is one smart approach in a country where everything and anything has become increasingly partisan. Al Ansar is a Lebanese football team who's sending out this message pushing for social awareness; it ran on billboards all over Beirut and managed to get a great deal of attention probably for the witty association between the message and the sponge. Designed by Allied Advertising - CD: Rami Traboulsi

ArabAd Peace Poster Design Contest

ArabAd Peace Poster Design Contest