ALIX & SIMON...The Return

ALIX & SIMON of FEEDING THE FISH to perform on a BLUE MOON NIGHT - MAY 11TH-KUWAIT: A DAZZLING GLOWING DOUBLE ACT JUGGLING PERFORMANCE; A mesmerizing and highly colorful spectacle of choreographed poetic patterns that is sure to intrigue and captivate the audience. Stunningly beautiful!!

The View from the Couch...

If this soundz tasty to you...& you live in SunSandland Q8, email us @ sirdab@gmail.com


Will you STOP??

Anti-Smoking Campaign in Helsinki-Finland: Lungs made out of see-through plexi glass, filled with cigarette stubs.

"An approach that has more influences from pop culture than traditional-smoking posters" claims the creative minds at Bob agency Helsinki-Finland.


REMINDER: "Best served chilled" in case you get your hand on Stoli...in bloody hot sandland! Hmmm....mmmh.... Hey, sharing is.... caring!!

Kilometers of music

By JWT, Madrid- for the Mazda 3, with its incorporated 4.5 GB MP3

Volkswagen entourage

Another super duper automotive ad where no car is featured. This is the spirit of VWolkswagen... By Fallon ad agency-Singapore. VW ads truly rock!!

Let's take it all off!

"Let's take it off. Let's take it all off" A smart use of media; this is a magazine wrap where while removing the wrap, the mini cooper cover gets uncovered!

The Economist Brain

A wonderfulist execution by Ogilvy & Mather, Singapore for a publication which doesn't even have to mention its name.



Designed by Dalia Fawaz - Beirut Just perfect!! In the above proposed logos, the "raison d'être" (reason2B) of ACT4Q8 is clearly stressed on. The 3 symbols- hand, eye, mouth- surely pass on the message of ACT4Q8's project; you see what you refuse; you decide to ACT, ReACT... & you must speak it to communicate IT.... preferably loudly.... these logos conveys perfectly the very much needed awareness for a better Kuwait! R we going for the last one- #4?...Hmmmmm..... I believe WE ARE!! Scroll down down the pages to review the first ones we got... Eight creative designers have submitted multiple versions of ACT4Q8 logos. Wako's, Firespell & Dalia's are our shortlisted favorite ones... ACT4Q8 coming your way soon.............

It gets better...

Click on picture for the bigger picture! Wonderful & smart creative thinking designed by FireSpell-Q8



This is another proof of how lateral thinking can deliver powerful alternatives to traditional, media-driven creative solutions. www.quitplan.com

6-Star for your best friend only!

Lovely ad by Leo Burnett



GET READY TO DIG JUMP BLOCK BUMP SET & SPIKE IT IN STYLE @ BEACH SPIKE 3rd inter-ad beach volley tournament which has become a very much awaited event; a day to play, pause, refresh, rethink, run, zig, chat, zag, dive, dream, meet, cheer, forget, sweat, swim, sprint, relax, smile, walk, drink, eat, chill, enjoy, dance, freeze, LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH...... You name it!! That's the only day where all advertising agencies located in Kuwait compete on a friendly spirit and in an Xtremly chilled out atmosphere. This year, French DJ KID LOCO is BEACH SPIKE's Special Guest and Lebanese tatoo & airbrush artist, Hady Beydoun will make his second come-back for a live art performance on the golden sand of Kempinski Resort-Julai'a. For more info, email Zone @ sirdab@gmail.com

who said once in a BLUE MOON?....


Rockin' car ads

---From top: Jeep;Polo-VW;Renault Espace;Mini Cooper---- Get inspired! by these 4 selected ads- posted as a perfect proof of Advertising Creativity, where no car is featured. Featuring a car doesn't necessary convince us to buy the car; showing the price is even deadlier!! Let your imagination do the walking... These are wonderful & award-winning advertisements.... Hope Kuwaiti automotive advertisers will get there one day by requesting Rockin' car ads from their appointed ad agencies...It's about time we change the speed by shifting the rules!!!


love it without seeing it!

LOVELY, STUNNINGLY CREATIVE ads for WRANGLER/JEEP the new species... by BBDO - Detroit

BABYBEL on a day out

This smart guerilla marketing move is done by Saatchi & Saatchi- Madrid for Babybel cheese. How about a life-size halloumi at Marina Mall? Let's go ambient people!!

Almost ready to ACT

by Mahi, creative designer at Performance & Action (P&A) ad agency - Kuwait



New logos of -Advertising Community Together for Kuwait -by Wakim Zeidan - Creative Director at Team Y&R-Kuwait.



The body reads "Are You so Indifferent that you didn't notice that this photo is upside down? The Akatu Institute for Conscious Consumption Favela by Leo Burnett, Sao Paulo A Public Service ad winner of a Gold Clio Award In Print category.. AMAZING at all levels! DO CARE..


TO GRAB ATTENTION, HAVE THE GUTS TO CHANGE THE SCENERY.. ....& PLEASE DO! The "IMPOSSIBLE SPRINT" outdoor campaign for Adidas, won a Bronze Clio Award in Innovative Media category & a Media Lion-Cannes, for the Best use of Outdoor. That was in 2005. An ad which featuring a vertical 100m dash was placed on two buildings in Hong Kong and Osaka-Japan. This is the kind of alternative marketing & strategic solutions- called ambient media- that is sure to grab people's attention in a very cluttered media advertising space. The interest in making the vertical 100m dash a "real" sport was also expressed.. by TBWA\Japan, Tokyo for Adidas, Osaka; Carat, Hong Kong. Creative Director & Copywriter: John Merrifield ; Art Director: Shintaro Hashimoto, Hirofumi Nakajima


Welcome to Brutal Wild World!

SILVER CLIO award-2005, in print category for a campaign for Amnesty International, fighting the Torture of Prisoner. by Contrapunto - Madrid


This is a smart one...LUV IT!!! It won a bronze award at Clio 2005 in Posters for Apparel/Fashion category. Credits: Agency: Jung von Matt, Hamburg Client: Runners point Account Executive: Julia Kroemker, Philipp Schnitzler Creative Director: Oliver Handlos, Goetz Ulmer, Oliver Voss Art Director: Martin Terhart, Philipp Cerny Production Manager: Christian Will Designer: Sebastian Groebner Illustrator: Martin Terhart, Philipp Cerny


Go veggy or Die! :)

Not a joke though, an utopia most probably... that would make a big time SPLASH, BOOM !! Would Carrie Otis make you shift from being a carnivore to a vegeterian, i doubt it!! Whatever, it's a good try...

if you destroy...you don't breathe

"If you destroy forests, you don't breathe" We NEED to see environmental-oriented ads in Kuwait!! Where are the responsible people?? Is there anyone in here??


GET READY TO SPIKE IT ON MAY 19TH AT KEMPINSKY JULAI'A!! Stay tuned!! design by FireSpell


Locked up

For Amnesty Intl. People were cut out and placed into public lockers. It reads: LOCKED UP. Because of colour, religion, political preference… Amnesty International supports human rights… help us. Agency: Publicis, Frankfurt.

Drive Safe

How effective could such campaign be in raising awareness, in reducing deadly road accidents, in igniting some good sense and responsibility? This is a French governmental initiative pour la Sécurité Routière. Good Morning Kuwait!

ArabAd Peace Poster Design Contest

ArabAd Peace Poster Design Contest