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the news differently

Here are two similar treatments in print media: above, the Florida Marlins; below the bic razors- and check more of this very approach like the hands behind bars, by Intermarkets Dubai for the World Press Freedom; and Mc Donald fries and burger in a Canadian newspaper. To view all, click here Who's copying who? Well, "great minds think alike" used to believe one old friend... Hope 2008 brings with it greater inspiration & originality... Inshallah

Tiger morphing

BPG Kuwait designed these two Gaucho grill ads--Tiger was released end of 2005 and recently pinky cow was published--The soft site of meat lovers pictured by Bates

Recycle: an environmenral message released in the UAE in 05.
Body reads: 'Waste nothing. Not even this poster." ByTBWA\RAAD for Khaleej Times. Art director & copywriter: Sharad Nigwekar


A new Jarida in Kuwait

This is the campaign from the Arabic daily--Al Jarida-- recently launched in Kuwait. The campaign is designed by creative director Wakim Zeidan of Team Y&R - Kuwait. The country witnessed in 2007 one puzzling mushrooming of the press; indeed, 6 Arabic newspapers were released summing the number of local Arabic papers to 11, with 3 more in the pipeline for early 08. This topic is covered by ArabAd magazine in its December issue 07.


White X-Mas

Adam Bestwick designed card for Liverpool Football Club


Dare for more Gold

EPICA GOLD in outdoor category for Pepsi ‘Dare for More’ campaign by BBDO Dusseldorf

24 spinning news

EPICA press D'or Award by Marcel Paris for France 24 ‘Beyond the News’ campaign

Smoking mass destruction

By Index agency, Dubai for the Post (Emirates)

Unlock my Chains, Need to Write

One clever use of media, --a journalist behind bars-- a metaphor for conveying a message for the freedom of the press-- Copy reads: 'On this World Press Freedom Day, we salute the journalists, editors and photographers who brave death or jail to bring us daily news'. By Intermarkets, Dubai click for more of such approaches

Drink Lipton Green

EPICA SILVER 2007 To raise the awareness of the benefit of Lipton Green Tea: Healthy Natural: The trees of Cairo were cut and shaped to look like cups and mugs with Lipton Green Tea tags Category: Press, Poster & Techniques Entry: Lipton , "Lipton Green Tea tree" Agency: JWT, Cairo Creative Director: Fady Chamaa Art Director: Shady Abdellatif This ad won a Dubai Lynx award this year in ambient category--It is a brilliant creative execution of ambient media communication

Keep Walkin' through 2008

2007 EPICA BRONZE Category: Press, Poster & Techniques Agency: H&C Leo Burnett, Beirut Entry: Johnnie Walker Black Label, "Stop-Play" Creative Director: Bechara Mouzannar Copywriter: Joyce Zavzavadjian Art Directors: Celine Khoury – Roula Ghalayini


rugged faces win bronze

EPICA BRONZE 2007, for Saatchi & Saatchi, Beirut for Sebamed--A definite innovative idea in ambient media around the region. Category: Press, Poster & Techniques Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Beirut Entry: Sebamed, “Acne” Campaign "We created 2 posters that we stuck on rugged walls. The texture of the walls is imprinted on the posters and makes pretty faces look rather jagged: the effect of Acne", explains CD, Samer Younes. Rajaa Khalifé is the Art Director of this original concept.

Epica rewards tolerance

'STOP SECTARIANISM BEFORE IT SOPS US' The 05 Amam anti-sectarian campaign scooped recently an Epica bronze. Well done for Leo Burnett creative team; it is quite rewarding to see AMAM buzzing social campaign, designed with a pinch of irony and sarcasm, get such a great exposure and greater recognition. Although, the campaign denigrates with zeal, the Lebanese society drawing it as wholly sectarian, which could possibly exacerbate even more confessional belongings . Through Amam--an imaginary private company -- the campaign is mocking religious and socio- professional interactions: “parking for maronites”, “doctor for shiites”, “greek-orthodox specialist”… Anyhow.. A round of applause for Beirut Leo's multi-confessional creative team: Omar Boustany: Associate creative director Manal Naji: Senior art director Yasmina Baz: Art director Reem Kotob: Art director Awards already in hand: Bronze Epica 2007 for direct marketing. Dubaï Lynx Awards : Bronze Integrated Communication Pikasso Afficheur Citoyen: February 2007 And finalist at: Cristal MENA : Magazine Cristal Finalist Cristal MENA : Outdoor Cristal Finalist


TO B or not to B--BB's lifting...

By Eli Bouchaaya CD MemAc Ogilvy Kuwait Here is the new campaign of Burgan Bank, following its makeover operation, the lifting of its logo; certainly intending to upgrade its image and identity, "Because you drive us"... Burgan has changed!...And yes why not, some change, other mature, as this other enlightened man said. But hey, what's happening on the branding and re-branding trail? Who said it's time to change every part of you to B or U Die... Mister GLOBALIZATION or a greedy brandmeisters? BRAAAAAAANDZZZZ----definitely the buzz word of 2007... EVERYONE WANTS TO BE A BRAND IN ORDER TO BE...As if branding will rejuvenate you...and then, the cash will flow--as simple as that!! TO B OR NOT B WHAT DO U WANNA B? JUST B WHO U WANNA B!! Meanwhile, the BB we knew is dead; vive the swirl, the new BB; vivacity, dynamism and a new life awaiting the customer! Beware, the bank is driven by YOU...Does this mean, in the past, it wasn't!!?

Burger King twisted fries

by CD Elie Khairallah - Intermarkets Kuwait-- This ad was never published---though, it's one big change from the usual disastrous advertising photography featuring pukey burgers, an outcome of shortfall creativity for fast food advertising...

Lebanese Forces Greeting

The Shadow of El'Hakeem, the cross--made of Becharré wood?!-- the circled Cedar, the trimmed edge of the cross, the message from Dr. Geagea to his comrades in the Forces, make of this visual a political greeting message.


ExoticART BY d LEOS' of Beirut

The Italian visionary painter Giuseppe Arcimboldo (1527-1593) created his own singular style by portraying people made of vegetables and fruits, which compose the faces of his characters, piece by piece. Who better than him to inspire Leo Burnett's imaginative creative team in Beirut, in bringing all these magnificent X-Mas tree ornaments under one message, ‘The Art of Christmas’, and encourage people to create and compose their own personal flowery arrangements for the upcoming holidays? This extraordinary figure and appealing character composed for Exotica is quite arresting and it is certain to strike you when driving along Dora or Hazmieh Highway... Bloody Refreshing.. The Art of Communication at its best!! A bull's eye for the celebrations of the season's [floral] abundance.


A teaser and reveal for GMC - Behbehani Automotive- by Pulse DDB - Kuwait



By GREY Worldwide Beirut CD & Copywriter: Ghassan Khairallah AD: Nadine Farah Photographer: Rabih Mroué Illustrator: Richie Vernacion
Awarded the Pikasso D'Or "Prix Afficheur Citoyen"



Kababji partners up with Women's Tennis Tournament and that's the outcome...Baked talent---
and hot ideas by CD Sami Saab of Publicis Graphics Beirut


The Art of Communication---YUMMY!!

When Advertising becomes Art... Illustration in Advertising: that's just IT: distinctive, imaginative and inspiring... And marketers should think more like artists...for branding sake... A Fruit blot rendering PS2 joystick for Chewy skittles sweets Keep on staring though... and you might see, 2 oranges or...? Boops...bicycles, female bodies, birds, moon or simply a turntable...Is it just my mind--- or Skittles strong effect on my affect? By Peter Russell CD & llustration by Sandeep Pradhan Impact BBDO, Dubai

Bulbs kill too

STRAIGHT TO THE POINT IN A METAPHORIC SENSE; IMAGINATIVE AND SYMBOLIC 'A LA FOIS'... POINT BLANK. Ordinary bulbs are killing the environment. Just one simple act on your part can stop the climate crisis: switch to Compact Fluorescent Lamps. by Regional CD, Nirmal Diwadkar - TBWA\RAAD, Dubai Illustrator: Amritraj Gupta Copywriter: Sandeep Fernandes, Bassam Doss

When Things Break, Who to TRUST?

An innovative approach in outdoor media --at least in Lebanon-- quite original and relevant for an insurance company..As for the trust, that's another question? Do insurance company inspire trust?? Well, that's not the subject of this blog... By Alain Choucair Creative Director, Grey Worldwide - Beirut

ArabAd Peace Poster Design Contest

ArabAd Peace Poster Design Contest