Here are two original use of outdoor advertising. Definetely arresting! Grand cherokee is by BBDO Canada. VW - drivers wanted - Unknown agency

Santa, i want this!

These are fridge magnets and special Ice cubes by LEGO. Love BTL stuff specialy that cool.


Dirt, my second nature

For harsh, rugged terrain you just need your seemingly heavy duty Atlas ATB. No need to say more apparently. This campaign from Leo Burnett, New Delhi leaves you with your imagination to picture your next cycling adventure. Although we feel there is room for a catchy and unforgettable slogan to stick in the mind of fans of such sport. It is a good brainstorming task for advertising students. Start by annoting all the words that these visuals inspire you. Here is a start for you... sand, pebble, mud, nature, dirt, real, adventure, naked pleasure, terra firma... Please forward us what copy you believe could have fit this campaign for the VTT of ATB. Here is what I came up with..Don't laugh..It's late and it's the first toughts, with no shame or hesitation, that am laying out till i find an appropriate one. So .. Here we go... Victorious you will be on terra firma...with Atlas ATB Naked pleasure... on your Atlas ATB Dirt is my second name... & Am proud of it when I get on my Atlas ATB Du vrai de vrai sur Atlas ATB Stay away, am riding my Atlas ATB My Atlas ATB & ME that's a whole story!! Whoops..That's it for now..I might wake up tomorrow and get shocked by this lazy post but hey, whatever...

Ink saver

From DDB Chicago for the 3rd office retailer supplier in the US, OfficeMax. Copy reads " Save money on ink".


playful photography to puzzle you

Great set of photography, an amazing and clever series of 56 photos by Michael Hughes, a fantastic and fun idea. Some pictures are brilliant (i.e the lollipop one, the phone booth), others are way too cool; and the whole project/concept is quite impressive. It's a clever illusion, a trick of the eyesight, a visual fallacy. GE-NIAL we say!!! A visual statement that inspires us big time, a conceptual work to makes us decipher reality from phantasmagoria; also similar in spirit to René Magritte's work, "ceci n'est pas une pipe; ceci n'est pas un chapeau"-(This is not a pipe, this is not a hat) where reality is questioned. Conclusion? we are candidly flipped out! For a better view, Click on the picture to enlarge and of course you can check the entire set by clicking on the link below. Enjoy! http://www.flickr.com/photos/michael_hughes

Change the font...


just don't do it!!

copycat for a good reason? no, there is never a good reason for a copycat!!

books n sex

Two similar approaches though the message isn't the same...Who thought of it first? you'lll never know.


Good to be on Top

Here’s an ad from Draft FCB congratulating all the winners from Cannes ad festival. It reads:" It's good to be on Top - Congratulations to all winners" Quite funny... and witty approach!! back to SEX... Have more for you..:)


Bloody blender

Copy reads " the faster you go, the bigger the mess" How impactful this road safety campaign could be? The more frightening, the greater the awareness?? We doubt... by Clemenger BBDO - New Zealand; Creative Director: Philip Andrew

The Jungle book

This pressbook was bound with a cover made of a special paper containing seeds. As you arouse it, after a couple of weeks, the seeds begin to grow and turn the piece into a real jungle book. Just an unprecedented & X-tremely inventive idea. Awesome!


ZIP me

This is a new campaign for the World SOoo Famous Zippo lighters

Agency: Blattner Brunner - Creative Director: Dave Vissat - Photographer: Tom Cwenar - Illustrator: Dwight Pritchett


Moved by a Citroen

Well, well, well, that's the first time ever, that we get to see ads, in Kuwait, for an automotive brand without having to see the car featured... And we just love this campaign. It's obviously addressed to a smart, mature audience who doesn't need to see the car pictured to get its interest. These ads aim at creating an emotional bond with the brand instead of provoking an instant buy. And that's what is called brand building. Bravo guys! by B Communications - Kuwait ; Creative Directors: Gilbert Semillano & Eric Tabuena

Wake up & Smile the Coffee

Lovely one for my favorite coffee shop ;) The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. Agency: B Communications - Kuwait Creative Directors: Gilbert Semillano & Eric Tabuena

Never too late

October was a Breast Cancer Awareness month. Here are three ads from Dubai & Kuwait pertaining to that matter. The 1st for Burjuman Foundation is done in association with Khaleej Times by Intermarkets, Dubai - Creative Director: Virendra Deshmukh The 2nd one is done by Campbell- Ewald - UAE for Emirates Today publication - Creative Director: Jude Cherian; Copywriter: Shoaieb Shaikh The 3rd ad by Graffiti Marketing Communications, Kuwait - Creative Director, Boutros al Hajj.

Hommos from Lebanon

For Saj Express by B Communications Agency - Kuwait Creative Directors: Gilbert Semillano & Eric Tabuena


spooky cheese

A ghostly creative & clever yucky ad to promote Halloween Menu at Pizza Hut. by Ogilvy & Mather - Hong Kong


Charbel Maroun

STOP SECTARIANISM CAMPAIGN Awareness campaign on sectarianism Background: Since 1920, Lebanese society has been structured according to religious confessions or sects. Within a country of 10,000 km², we have over 17 official religious sects. Sectarianism is intertwined in our daily life, and has been so for years, officially and in society. Most official positions are based on religious denominations. Sectarianism was one of the main factors leading to the civil war, but even today, everybody still thinks along religious lines and divides people into sectarian groups. The topic was always a taboo subject, until the "Spring Revolution" of 2005. With this movement, the creation of civil society groups brought together people from every religion, and made it clear to many that civil society-led initiatives could effectively make a difference. The campaign: (text By Leo Burnett) The campaign focuses on the ridiculous/harmful side of sectarianism/confessionalism and its excesses in our every day life. Generously conceived for AMAM by a multi-confessional creative team of like-minded people from the H&C Leo Burnett agency- Beirut, the campaign is bound to make you both laugh and think. The tone, which is innovative, provocative, funny and straight to the point, will most certainly generate debate and provoke much-needed thinking about the reality of how far confessionalism dictates our every day social behaviour. Like us, you think confessionalism is a plague which has been eating away at this country for as long as one can remember. Like us, you also think this country, despite all its flaws and complexities, remains a place like no other, one we should cherish, support & believe in. Like us, you have surrendered to the Lebanese spell, and have vowed to always keep trying, in your own way, to make things better. Like us, you are a believer in the unique richness and potential found in the Lebanese pluri-confessional make-up. We hope you like this campaign. If you do, and wish to support us for other citizenship-building awareness campaigns of this kind, please get in touch. www.05amam.org Thank u Omar

ArabAd Peace Poster Design Contest

ArabAd Peace Poster Design Contest