playful photography to puzzle you

Great set of photography, an amazing and clever series of 56 photos by Michael Hughes, a fantastic and fun idea. Some pictures are brilliant (i.e the lollipop one, the phone booth), others are way too cool; and the whole project/concept is quite impressive. It's a clever illusion, a trick of the eyesight, a visual fallacy. GE-NIAL we say!!! A visual statement that inspires us big time, a conceptual work to makes us decipher reality from phantasmagoria; also similar in spirit to René Magritte's work, "ceci n'est pas une pipe; ceci n'est pas un chapeau"-(This is not a pipe, this is not a hat) where reality is questioned. Conclusion? we are candidly flipped out! For a better view, Click on the picture to enlarge and of course you can check the entire set by clicking on the link below. Enjoy! http://www.flickr.com/photos/michael_hughes

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Anonymous said...

im loving them..!

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