Hit the road safely

A series of public awareness ads by O & M - Kuwait in association with ArabAd magazine. Creative Director: Eli Bou Chaaya


Anonymous said...

I like the text ad, the others' a bit forced, overdone. Looks familiar too.


zelda said...

it seems that you can buy yourself a name else-where ... because nothing changed on the road . This people don't even know how to drive ... you expect them to know how to read and most of all how to think.??? The only persuasion, is to monitors bad behaviors by video cam , confiscate the car , and pay the fine out of there own account according to car value ! NO WASTAS . NO DADY"S money . and forced service in accident department of hospitals for a month .
than you can start being creative and do nice adds .
That's working in Europe. driving is safe and relax

Anonymous said...

I happen to pass by here, nice blog but this work in particular is student work..


ArabAd Peace Poster Design Contest

ArabAd Peace Poster Design Contest