Weeds, the comedy

This is a billboard to advertise for comedy “Weeds” about a single mother who makes a living by selling marijuana to support her family; it had attached three 6-foot high bags filled with giant sandwiches and massive prop marijuana. Agency : FCB New Zealand This latter billboard had a security camera trained upon it and when inevitably the marijuana was stolen, the footage was released as a viral video which received 60,000 views and wide-spread press coverage. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SXaS4IOkstg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sgBi8Zozfvk


No3iK said...

wow wow!!!

i love the show,, and the bilboard is awesome!!

so im gona go watch the video right now ;) thanks!

No3iK said...

omg!! looooooool just watched the video

cracked me up! lol i think i wouldve done the same hehehehe

nice post :)

zelda said...

salut beautee ,,, pas encore vus la video .. mais c'est du vrai ?

The Zone said...

wi pretty lady, c'est du vrai de vrai et c'est éclatant!!


zelda said...

sans dec !! noooonn suis sure que c'est du foin pour les vaches ,,, y faut etre bauvin pour aller faucher du foin non ??? !!

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