Keep Tryin'...

Actually, whether it is outside, or inside that box, thinking is one difficult mental activity for many....--- However, to 'keep trying' is a good advise, since -hék hék--- they have nothing to lose..


Fall of Love

Memac Ogilvy, Dubai for MBC 4 & MBC Action Copywriter: Charlie Harris Art Director: Ramzi Moutran Designer: Leonardo Borges Executive Creative Director: Till Hohmann Account director: Nabil Moutran: Account manager: Firat Atkas Client: Andrew Maskall, (Marketing Manager MBC)


Russian Dolls for Exotica outdoor ad by Leo Burnett, Lebanon; It's the earliest reminder in Lebanon of Mother's day (March 21st). Thanks Exotica!! Could have forgotten!! But will this ad make us buy mommy's flowers from your place? I guess, it's more corporate!! as in EXOTICA too doesn't forget moms'... Russian dolls are maybe overused items in visual communication, however the treatment, concept, approach, execution, you name it, is different than all the déja-vu poupées russes... (N'est-ce pas Asfahani???--guess ur d expert & now more than ever!!! Since ur dream finally came true--OOOF, at last---& now a round of applause to AS-- ur finally part of the Idiotic Alienated Association- Q8 Chapter 0).



By Saatchi & Saatchi Beirut for MTC touch (thanking the red cross for all its humanely possible doings).

Connected by definition

"Wireless by definition. Connected by patriotism" reads the headline of mtc touch ad by Saatchi & Saatchi Beirut. The bodycopy is as perfect. "Everyone has something to say" is the telecom's slogan adopted in Lebanon and made up by Saatchi. It's a punchline that conveys a bloody load of meaning, so appropriate to Lebanon's socio-politico climate that it manages to make mtc totally rooted in the country's culture; whereas, we all know that it's a Kuwaiti-based provider that went global Big time. In Kuwait, its slogan used to be "WE HEAR YOU"; a bit cliché to say the least... Present in 22 countries, Zain (formerly mtc) is bidding today to try to gain the acquisition of the Lebanese cellular provider. If it wins, [even if doesn't] mtc will disappear soon; nonetheless, everyone will always have something to say; and hopefully Zain will prevail and confirm that indeed, there is no "Wonderful World" without our freedom of speech. You can view more of mtc ads--soon to become vintage-- by clicking on mtc tag or visiting ArabAd archive blog- You can also check the wonderful possibilities a flag can do when graphic designers toy with it....

Ring Blink Guarenteed

Advize/Grey Jordan has just been awarded the Pikasso Silver Award for Ring Jordan ad, which was posted on Pikasso Billboards in Amman.


Khaleek 7eloo

'Khaleek Heloo' & Rewind
For A More Perfect Union [AMPU], a campaign that tackles racism & religious discrimination; Indeed, "we fear what we don't understand. Rethink bias." By The Martin Agency, Richmond USA CD: Joe Alexander AD: Mark Brye Copywriter: Cedric Giese


By Grey Worldwide Beirut for the Association of Forests Development and Conversation CD & Copywriter: : Ghassan Khairallah AD: Nadine Farah Photographer: Rabih Mwanes Illustrator: Richie Veneracion

Iraqna welcomes the future

Rooftop Pikasso D'or Award for Iraqna by Wunderman CD: Ramzi Haddad AD: Louis Moghabghab Copywriter: Peter Kattan

Forgot Valentine

Press cut from a Lebanese daily
Happy Valentine to all even though the time has passed; but it's never late to express love and peace to all of you out there... And hey, take it easy, there is not much worth animosity & war... Life's too short so go, get one!!


Western Union by Team Y&R Beirut - Winner of the campaign category [Prix Multivisuel] Pikasso D'or 2007 CD: Samir Tamari AD:Wadih Elias Copywriter: Samir Tamari / Carine Choueiry Photography/Illustration: Fares Jammal For more...Visit ArabAd Archive

Love Yourself

Impact BBDO Beirut recently snatched the Pikasso D'or 2007 for C&F campaign.
Go to ArabAd Archive if you wish to view the full campaign & more winners from The Pikasso Award organised this month in Beirut.



By Saatchi & Saatchi Beirut part of The infamous 'I LOVE LIFE' campaign during Independence O5



By Team Y&R, Kuwait. Click on cliché for a better view

Creativity in the Air

Delsey ad for Jashnmal by CD Elie Bou Chaaya at Team Y&R Kuwait times. Click Clichés to take the whole trip


Al Waleed Foundation

in-house ad by Al Waleed Ben Talal Humanitarian Foundation
Click on flags & check the limitless possibilities of flag morphing


Just Try... U may slip

A bronze awarded ad at the KAAA in 2004 for Paragon fully integrated advertising communication total marketing solutions local Kuwaiti based agency...
And if by any chance, you slip on a banana and bump into one of Chiquita banana campaigns, you can't fail but noticing that the copy cop has designed a copyperfectcrap himself too... Call now and get your free consultation.... 911

@ the Summit

Bronze award for Paragon Agency Kuwait in 2004 at the first KAAA [Kuwait Advertising Arabic Award] in media category---- Even Pride gets its share, why not after all... Isn't this business all about ego and showoff, medals and trophies, crap & bullshit...???


Fat free

Canderel ad by Impact BBDO Beirut


Well, at least one thing is certain....

Whether Nivea or Audi Bank communicates their faith for a bright future, One thing is certain: Copycat or No Copycat!! The Sun will Always Shine on Lebanon...



IKEA ad by Horizon FCB Kuwait CD: Joe Ghazal The funny thing here is that the load of ads where an object is used to replace a letter has been endless. And honestly, we are fed up of such execution... We are gathering a bunch of such to just try to say it out LOUD, STOP THAT CLICHES!! Talking about Clichés, the best is on the way.. Louai SALAM!!;) 'FESHELLAK KHELA'AK' somehow... As for copycat ads, won't be too long, before many of you out there are going to start digging down the hole to hide themselves of shame and big tim eembarassement... Just a little patience...

La Vache Picon & Me KIRI

Here we go again... I guess No comments would be sufficient to describe this bloody copycat...Who copied who? That is another question... Answers and all details in ArabAd Jan Issue 2008. Meanwhile, you are allowed to crack up till you drop cuz no copycat has been that far yet. Same product category, same casted litlle kid, same product innovation, same packaging, same treatment, same photo composition, all is sama sama as they say in Indonesia... And this is as ridiculous as one can get....

What's the difference between darkness and light?

Top Image: 2003, An Nahar celebrates 70 years of existence - the number 70 in Arabic -- \/. -- is outlined by the pen's shape. Today, An Nahar is 75 years old and has remained one of the most credible newspapers in the Arab world, as its Freedom of Expression has cost the paper dramatic loss; the most shocking and unforgettable event was the assassination of Publisher, Editor and Deputy Gebran Tueni; Samir Kassir was murdered for using the pen to convey Truth; Kassir was one of the most prominent figures of the Lebanese daily. Bottom Image: Arabic copy reads: "The difference between Darkness & Light is One Word?" 'An Nahar' (which means means Light....) An Nahar ads were designed (in 2003 & 2005) by Grey Worldwide CD: Alain Choucair

ArabAd Peace Poster Design Contest

ArabAd Peace Poster Design Contest