IKEA ad by Horizon FCB Kuwait CD: Joe Ghazal The funny thing here is that the load of ads where an object is used to replace a letter has been endless. And honestly, we are fed up of such execution... We are gathering a bunch of such to just try to say it out LOUD, STOP THAT CLICHES!! Talking about Clichés, the best is on the way.. Louai SALAM!!;) 'FESHELLAK KHELA'AK' somehow... As for copycat ads, won't be too long, before many of you out there are going to start digging down the hole to hide themselves of shame and big tim eembarassement... Just a little patience...


Tricky said...

creative director's position on SALE in kuwait???

The Zone said...

Hey Tricky, didn't get ur tricky comment;)
But will be posting loads and I mean it, LOADS of that same approach... An object acting as a letter!
It's just funny nothing more, foxy creativity as I like to call IT.!.

On another level, I guess, we can't dub this as a copycat; rather I'd call IT copyape* or monkey business!

However, this ad was published sometime in 2005, if am not mistaken, when Horizon FCB Kuwait used to handle IKEA Account.
Recently, like a month ago, Memac 0&M Q8 snatched IKEA from Horizon; as a result of this win, the incumbent agency had to play the 'Scratch Back' game or better the "Polish Act" PR 0.0
--from the start-- to gain sympathy, some kind of blessing, whatever but it's suspicious. IKEA acccount has been added to Memac portfolio for less than 2 months, I truly believe, a mind-blowing creative communication could have done the job... But let's wait & see for that one too. How Creative Eli will get?? We r with u all the way Bou Chaaya.. No hard-bitten intention here...Just thoughts!!
Still, haven't sid what I wanted to say ...:)))
Memac group has invited Adel Al Shemali, IKEA's Big Boss to partake in the jury panel of upcoming Crystal MENA Awards.
Honestly --and this comment is nothing but my stance vis-à-vis that whole weirdness-- this weirdo invitationas is a CRYSTAL demagogue act;
Wondering Y??
Well, cuz I & this time We too --at the Zone-- doubt that Chemali is the right dude to be a juror in such an ambitious awards; rather, they should have invited Nancy Farid, IKEA's marketing director, a smart opiniated lady and far more knowledgable to judge creative communications.
But obviously, there is No escape from politics...
This is the way IT IS & SHOULDN'T BE!!!...


Sugar POP {ArabAd The Zone} with no hard feelings

*APE: verb [trans.]
= imitate the behaviour or manner of (someone or something), esp. in an absurd or unthinking way

Tricky said...

Thanks for the reply
i agree with you that one can be more creative with a brand like IKEA even with tactical ads ;)
this is why i posted creative 's director seat for sale lolol
regarding the MENA CRYSTAL you called it "ambitious"
i call it "Ambiguous"....

-"major obstacles to creative thinking is 'GOOD SENSE'

Sugar Pop said...

Ooh, u'll have 2 excuse me...Can b slow sometime...

But Hey get ready for ONE thunderous massive attack of copycat, copyape, copysh#@%^^@ call IT whatever,
BIG F*@@#$ TIME~~

Louai Alasfahani said...

Fact 1- the same art direction won CD: Mr.Elie Bou Chaya a bronze award at the KAAA back in 2005 (back then he was with Team Y&R); Client: Jashanmal stores Brand: Delsey.

Judging panel: Walid Azzi, Dr. Adel Al-Wugayan, Prof. CP Rao, Dr. Larry Pleshko, Prof. Safwat Al-Alem, Abdulrazaq Shoshan, Kenneth Hassel.

Reference: Arab Ad, December 2005/Vol. 15/No. 12, page: 23
(This issue featured the critiqued Ikea ad on page 44 as an example of creativity from Kuwait along another ad by the same art director for Corvette which won a gold award on page 23 for JWT Dubai for the Benz ad!!!

Fact 2- the same art direction won Publicis Graphics a silver award at the Jordan advertising awards back in 2005 Client: Telelink Brand: Motorola.

Judging panel: Walid Azzi, Sina Atta, Isabella Baffa, Halim Choueiry, Nagi Moubarak, Ani Orfali, Tony Sabbagh, Randa Jabaji Sharaf, Nadim Zahar.

Conclusion 1- this art direction is very popular with the judging panels across geographic boarders ;)

Conclusion 2- the judging panel was not professional by awarding such ads.

Conclusion 3- the judging panel is professional but deliberately wanted to award certain agencies regardless of quality of work.

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