What's the difference between darkness and light?

Top Image: 2003, An Nahar celebrates 70 years of existence - the number 70 in Arabic -- \/. -- is outlined by the pen's shape. Today, An Nahar is 75 years old and has remained one of the most credible newspapers in the Arab world, as its Freedom of Expression has cost the paper dramatic loss; the most shocking and unforgettable event was the assassination of Publisher, Editor and Deputy Gebran Tueni; Samir Kassir was murdered for using the pen to convey Truth; Kassir was one of the most prominent figures of the Lebanese daily. Bottom Image: Arabic copy reads: "The difference between Darkness & Light is One Word?" 'An Nahar' (which means means Light....) An Nahar ads were designed (in 2003 & 2005) by Grey Worldwide CD: Alain Choucair

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ama said...

Ooh so creative! It looks beautiful too, because of the pen :)

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