Awarded the Poster Graphis Platinum Award
Ziad Alkadri, a Lebanese national based in Canada, was commissioned by the New Talent Conservatory committee to design a poster to launch the Rachmaninov Piano Concert 2007, in commemoration of the September 11 World Trade Centre tragedy. The mandate of the New Talent Conservatory is to promote talented and young musicians. The winner of the New Talent Conservatory 2007 Piano Competition was invited to play Rachmaninov for their piano concert in commemoration of the September 11 events. The poster won the Graphis Platinum Award.


Ya3ish Lobnan w Alwano

“Reviving the colours of the nation” is a campaign for Persil Color that DDB Beirut conceptualised, as Lebanon was witnessing a fresh breath on the political arena that was felt like a new beginning, specially following the reconciliation chapter of Doha and the election of a new president for Lebanon, which ended a political deadlock that lasted nearly two years. Persil campaign reflected the nation’s strong comeback with its vibrant colours and the Lebanese flag portrayed in a linen closet. Built upon Persil Colour’s unique selling proposition, “Give life to your colours,” DDB went on with that concept, which mirrors an emotional patriotic message, while it highlights the functional benefit of the brand --of newness & cleaness.

Credits Advertising Agency: DDB - Beirut Creative Director: Claude Hatem Account Manager: Nathalie Khoury Art Director: Diana Soussa Photographer: Astrid Challita


Dress Up

“Take a flower, a white flower, from Exotica. Turn it upside down, add a spoonful of glamour, a few acres of well trimmed grass, a hint of blue sky, the more fantasies you can get, the promise of a new beginning... and you’ll get the perfect flavour for your wedding....”
explained Omar Boustany to ArabAd magazine when asked to elaborate about the latest Exotica ads created this summer and seen on various media outlets across Lebaon.
Associate Creative Director: Omar Boustany Senior Art Director: Manal Naji Junior Art Directors: Layla Naamani, Joumana Ibrahim Copywriters: Amin Kurani, Joyce Zavzavadjian
“Do you remember when Blue was the colour of the sky and Orange the colour of a tasty fruit? Unfortunately, colours have become highly explosive in Lebanon and each is a code for a political party, a flag for potential troubles. "
After the terrible events that happened in Beirut in May of this year, adds Boustany "we were deeply depressed...Then came the Doha agreement and the end of the sit-in in Beirut’s Downtown; we all hoped for a new beginning... At the agency, we all felt that we shouldn’t lose the momentum and do something immediately to trigger a positive atmosphere in our country. We thought, maybe if we marry them all, through their colours, then maybe, it will help. So, we married them according to tradition. After that, it’s very difficult to divorce!” - Omar Boustany Credits Associate Creative Director: Omar Boustany Senior Art Director: Manal Naji Copywriter: Rana Najjar Junior Art Director: Joumana Ibrahim

ArabAd Peace Poster Design Contest

ArabAd Peace Poster Design Contest