LIVE, LUV, LAUGH................ Time is running fast...Faster than a blink...Scary story... BIG BANG! Have an ABSOLUT end of 05...:)) Will b back in no time.. The ZONE wishes everyone an ABSOLUT TRIP... Meanwhile, KEEP WALKIN'...

face of a liar

End of year on a master graphic pirouette... FACE OF A LIAR, WATCH YOURSELF!


New generation

Sponsored birth

+blanc que blanc

Saatchi & Saatchi-Mumbai for Ariel This is so TIDY...At least no woman at work...neat & clean...So good!


A colorfull commercial for Sony Bravia. 250.000 bouncing balls in the streets of San Francisco used for the shooting. Click to see the TV spot, that was selected among 400 other commercials for THE NIGHT OF THE ADEATERS by JEAN MARIE BOURSICOT. The 2 nights are scheduled for 27-28 Feb. at Shaab Cinema. And this is a little avant-goût of "The Night" that is going to glow just crazy... This tvc has that nuance and depth and leaves something behind for one’s own imaginary perception. It’s simply great communication that works.

Let's go ambient

The advertising industry is, by its very nature, dynamic and in constant need of new ways in which to communicate messages to the consumer. It is now at a stage of development where the introduction of original and exciting forms of advertising and promotions is essential in order to satisfy the ever-increasing demands of the advertiser in their desire to sell their products or services. Derived from ambience, Ambient Media implies that it blends with its surrounding. This phrase started to appear in British media jargon about four years ago, but now seems to be firmly established as a standard term within the advertising industry. It refers to almost any kind of advertising that occurs in unconventional medium. It is meant to catch you by surprise and pop up when you least expect it. It is Guerrilla marketing that aims at changing the target audience mind-set and thus introduce the core product or service by challenging 'accepted' forms of advertising.


Have u met this gentleman? It's ASIMO, the world’s most advanced humanoid robot.

ASIMO is 11th in a line of successive bipedal humanoid models created by Honda, starting with Eo in 1986 and with ASIMO being the latest design.

ASIMO is considered the 4th man-like humanoid robot that can walk on two feet.

Weighing 54 kilograms, the robot resembles a small astronaut wearing a backpack. Honda reports this robot can now run around at 6km/h speed.

Officially, the name is an acronym for "Advanced Step in Innovative MObility".

In Japanese, the name is pronounced ashimo which means "legs also".

ASIMO is traveling... He went to Disneyland, to Thailand to meet some Olympic athletes, to Spain where he met King Juan Carlo at the Madrid Motor Show; lately Mr. ASIMO visited Dubai for the 8th Motor Show.WoW...For more, click here

"HONDA, The Power of Dreams"... Btw one of the best TV commercial in The Night of The Adeaters 25th edition program is for Honda. It ran last year but will be screened again this year, due to its success. Voilà.


FELT THE NEED TO ANNOUNCE EARLIER THAN SCHEDULED ACT4Q8, a new born association, yet to be announced... The purpose of ACT4Q8 is: To encourage more advertisements that would foster responsible attitudes among people To help in making Q8 & the world a better place To contribute positively to public issues by creating public awareness campaigns that would act as a stimulus for growing minds ADVERTISING COMMUNITY TOGETHER...TO GATHER...TO ACT & craft effective messages to support national & humanitarian causes... STAY TUNED!!

GAY LIFE-Me Tarzan, U Jane

Good ones, isn't it? But, Imagine, Tarzan & John in Al Rai Al Aam...OOOPs...The funny part is that Kuwait is loaded with gayzzzzz but chuuuuut this is the kind of stuff that u can't even whisper about in the press...No adverts for condoms ever, although it's at the cashier at Sultan Center; no ads for Aids for awareness; Aids what Aids? Common' Kuwait, wake up from ur long holidays in Coma island before u get knocked out by some harsh & quite disturbing reality! Shoo? Whatever... Meanwhile Take care & Safe sex plz..all d way.. Thank u...

EMI on M

We love these ads but it seems that graffiti/drawing/illustration/airbrush are THE trend nowadays..Many brands are going this direction..i.e. tiida/nissan, ixus/canon, Nile fm in Egypt, eye care foundation & many more..Will try to post some...For now enjoy the EMI' s, it's BIG TIME arty. Well, right... NOTHING GREAT COMES EASY! Excellent work from TBWA/France. BRAVO les amis!

Pepsi v/s Coke

Pepsi X-Mas greeting 2005 v/s Coke greeting in the 40's... Is the "ASK FOR MORE" tagline inspired from this one? FOR MORE on the COLA War check this out

Pretty but Tough

How about a Hummer tatoo on ur back or ur b00bs? this is cool though..

Religious advertising

So churchy.


Isn't that damn baaaaaad?

NO COMMENTS...Let it snow...Let it snow.....

Isn't that damn gooooood?


ArabAd Peace Poster Design Contest

ArabAd Peace Poster Design Contest