When Advertising becomes a SHOW....

Now for the good news! The Night of the Adeaters has been scheduled for the 27 and 28 of February at Shaab Cinema. Why good news? Because such a glittering event is a window into the creative world. The Night of The Adeaters is, therefore an explosion of talent, inspiration and creativity. All of you people, interested in the promotion of outstanding feats are welcome to enjoy, focus and react to a selection of around 400 TV commercials from the four corners of the globe. THE NIGHT OF THE ADEATERS IS NOTHING BUT CINEMA, A STATEMENT OF OUR TIME, A COMMON LANGUAGE FOR ALL AUDIENCES. We, at The Zone, hope to make of such a viewing an adventure worthwile the effort hoping that it will be the catalyst to encourage Kuwait's creative and art superstars to join the legions of pioneers who had over the time left their mark on the advertising industry. Let's make the Night a real feast and hope that we savor every moment of the show. D'avance, Bon Appétit!!


Anonymous said...

Am so glad to hear that La Nuit des Publivores will be screened here in Kuwait. Am French and just got to The Sand Land as i like to label Kuwait;)) and saw an advertisement about the Night in a local magazine.. Chouette!! I've watch the show couple of times in Paris where the Night starts at midnight till early morning. It's a real party out there. A night you wouldn't expect.
Anyways, just want it to congratulate you guys on this good initiative. While most people escape at the sight of the first commercial, others like myself run fast to book the best seats, and this is one such night! So plz let us know when the tickets will be available.
Thx and all the best for this ad-licious Night!

The Zone said...

Chouette too :)) more updates will come your way soon Mr French Anonymous & all adeaters in town...This Night is going to be wilder that the one in Paris. It's a promise! And...you know what they say about promises? they are made to be kept...SURPRISE, SURPRISE..All i can tell u is that The Night will GLOW CRAZY...The Keyword here is...GLOW..In the Dark..Can't tell u more for now..
Stay tuned!

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