where is my Camel?

LOVELY, isn't it??!! PSYCOBAR for Camel cigs. by Saatchi&Saatchi, Milan


by Euro RSCG, New York

Roll in love instead

Here is another awareness campaign by Thekavli agency, Kuwait



the new Iraqis flag

The New Iraqis Flag by Reza Alavi, Iran via designcares site

smart graphism

Two random acts of graphic vigilantism seen in Vancouver & found on www.designcare site

More powerful than Pain

A perfect copywiting and a sharp execution for an outdoor media campaign; Advil "Man" by TBWA\SMP's won a Gold in Outdoor category at the Araw Awards 2005


SPIKY will be back for some pictures of that crazy-groovy BEACH SPIKE day.

The faster you go...

The growing road toll and cost of accidents were causing widespread community concern. To address the problem of lives being ... changing the way we drive. It takes time to change people's attitudes. Those campaigns tried to make people think about road safety and take on board key messages. We can't tell you what to do, but we can show you the consequences of your behaviour. You may be breaking the law as well as risking your own and other people's lives. Now let's ACT4Q8!



BLOW IT ALL!! Designed by Hady Beydoun, the Lebanese tatoo-artist who will be present on Beach Spike day- May 19th to draw his spikiest skills from dusk till dawn. Here is how Hady perceives BEACH SPIKE. A day, where every person, belonging to the Communication industry, let loose on one of the most charming beach of Kuwait. Set, You bet? The power is on your side... C U THERE!!

Where the Hell is Spikerman?

Design by FireSpell




Design: FireSpell Copywriting: Geckogirl Concept: Ocean


Link by Joshua M. Art Director/Graphic Designer, based in New York. Joshua M. is registered on AQUENT.com , the site of CREATIVE STAFFING AND SERVICES.


Captain Courage & Ninja Princess

"Really comfortable mattresses" for Restonic by FCB South Africa. Lovely ones & certainly creative!(-note the pink&blue;) Rest light, Sleep comfortably, Dream wild...It's a bubly liFe!!


Link Check that Iranian site http://saberyvand.com... Some smart graphic design in there! Quite refreshing too!

delighted mouse

We love this campaign; it looks like a truly delighted mouse for Sloche (Couche-tard) Tropical Cheddar / surf; sacrifice; fishing by BOS / France

Timeless Converse

by Lowe GGK- Van Gogh & Mondrian canvases for timeless shoes. Don't mess with my Converse! It is the King of the All Stars, the best-selling shoe of all time, launched in 1917. This is Artvertising at its best. Although, Nike is taking that direction too and Adidas ads are also following that trend: to include art in ads to make artsy ads..Hmmm...



Here is a new way to spread awareness of the dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol. Clubbers in the UK had their hand stamped for better & closer awakeness.. WELL DONE PEOPLE, BUT AGAIN HOW EFFECTIVE IS THAT?

wonder b00bs

OOPS, BOOPS!! What a lazy, lousy, easy breesy body of work!! Not only it looks like the Western Union ad, done in Lebanon by Saatchi & Saatchi; it is featured here down THERE on our pages but it's so déjà vu. Needless to add that it 's the easiest play on words ever with the simplist creative nonsense floating mind, folks...

see life trough....

"SEE LIFE THROUGH SM".. WOW, shocking....is it for justified reasons??!!Let's see! First, who knows what these ads are promoting? & what could it be? An ad for a publication, a TV station, a documentary, a TV reality show??? Second, I personaly couldn't guess in a million year... Well, well well.. This is done by Saatchi & Saatchi Australia for SM sunglasses... Yep, sunglasses buddies, for adventurous fellows only apparently!!

the way we view the world

"Terrorism has changed the way we view the world" reads this press ad for Discovery Channel where it is publicizing a series of documentaries dealing with the "AGE OF TERROR, GLOBAL TERRORISM IN CONTEXT". This ad won a Cannes Lion Award in 2005...Hmmm...


YOU MUST B...in Advertising!

sexy killer machine

Very eye-catching visuals and killer art directing by FCB Sao Paolo for BMW Bikes. Would be perfect as posters! Superb!

Converse me

Superb execution for the funkiest shoes in the world... Salute!!

ArabAd Peace Poster Design Contest

ArabAd Peace Poster Design Contest