Here are two original use of outdoor advertising. Definetely arresting! Grand cherokee is by BBDO Canada. VW - drivers wanted - Unknown agency

Santa, i want this!

These are fridge magnets and special Ice cubes by LEGO. Love BTL stuff specialy that cool.


Dirt, my second nature

For harsh, rugged terrain you just need your seemingly heavy duty Atlas ATB. No need to say more apparently. This campaign from Leo Burnett, New Delhi leaves you with your imagination to picture your next cycling adventure. Although we feel there is room for a catchy and unforgettable slogan to stick in the mind of fans of such sport. It is a good brainstorming task for advertising students. Start by annoting all the words that these visuals inspire you. Here is a start for you... sand, pebble, mud, nature, dirt, real, adventure, naked pleasure, terra firma... Please forward us what copy you believe could have fit this campaign for the VTT of ATB. Here is what I came up with..Don't laugh..It's late and it's the first toughts, with no shame or hesitation, that am laying out till i find an appropriate one. So .. Here we go... Victorious you will be on terra firma...with Atlas ATB Naked pleasure... on your Atlas ATB Dirt is my second name... & Am proud of it when I get on my Atlas ATB Du vrai de vrai sur Atlas ATB Stay away, am riding my Atlas ATB My Atlas ATB & ME that's a whole story!! Whoops..That's it for now..I might wake up tomorrow and get shocked by this lazy post but hey, whatever...

Ink saver

From DDB Chicago for the 3rd office retailer supplier in the US, OfficeMax. Copy reads " Save money on ink".

ArabAd Peace Poster Design Contest

ArabAd Peace Poster Design Contest