Toyota on banana

Copy reads: "Keep in touch with nature" This poster for Toyota Cruiser was printed on a banana leaf. It's pretty cool, isn't it?


Absolut NY

Absolut Vodka has a reputation for eye-grabbing traditional ads, often featuring graphics by famous artists. But the company outdid itself in 2000 by teaming up with fellow Swedish global brand IKEA to transform a regular Manhattan billboard into stylish New York City apartment, turned on its side — and shaped like an Absolut bottle. The co-branding experiment drew big time attention and the news was quickly spread.

LEGO rocks

Here @The Zone, we love such gripping-unconventional-crazy-innovative-groundbreaking ideas. Again, Lego did it, Lego rocks! And that's how you get crazy in love with a brand that stands out from the crowd :) Agency : IDB-FCB, Chile

Hot delivery

Here is a smart one! An amusing and definitely catchy idea from JWT Dubai for Domino's pizza by Creative Director, Chafic Haddad.

Live and let live

Here is a gripping outdoor campaign for the National Office of Animal Health... for the welfare of all animals. YES and a million YES animals should not be made captive. " NO CAGE IS BIG ENOUGH". The campaign was created by Jung von Matt, Hamburg.

all breeds are welcomed

Very weird and quite confusing mexican campaign for a dog kennel. What do Osama, Georges & Fidel have in common? Well, the inriguing ads reflect their discriminatory minds and hostility to "others". The copy of the ad reads, ‘We don’t discriminate any breed’. Dogotel Pension for dogs. It was created by Tanque Group, Mexico City. We believe, it's more eye-catching than coherent and meaningful!..


Ronald's creativity

These Mc Donald ads were embeded in the editorial of a Canadian newspaper with a change of font color. A smart execution, a brilliant idea in the use of the press, though not that fresh! And here is THE million bucks question: Why are Mc Donald ads so creative elsewhere? click here to view few original ones- Ain't no mandatory direction to follow in every market? although their burger doesnt really taste the same anywhere, there corporate advertising image should be globaly coherent somehow, no? Anyway...We really wish we could see such novel ideas implemented here in Kuwait, whether for Mc Do or any other brand. Need refrechments guys Big Time Big Mc!!


where has the roach gone?

Hehe :)) here is an excellentissimo idea for a business card done for Toronto Hemp Company. Right, Mr James? Mary's tokin'...

Smart one Mr. James!

Very clever idea for a business card of a lawyer specialized in divorce cases.

sexy 206

Very "artsy" campaign for Peugeot 206. We just wish we can get to see just one time, one day, once only once, such creative ads for the automotive industry in Kuwait. Coz what's available is really uurghh!

Description / Synopsis

A resolutely artistic and modern campaign that enhances and modernises the car's image. It is composed of 3 ads that are fresh, light-handed and subtle. Each model is associated with a set of themes that the creative teams illustrated with a veritably artistic treatment.


The Peugeot 206 has existed for 7 years and has been France’s biggest-selling car for any brand in any segment, for 4 years. This has given it outstanding brand awareness, making the 206 almost legendary. This exceptional status entitles the 206 to a certain artistic freedom. The silhouette is sufficiently well-known and recognisable to convey the advertising message on it own. The aim of this campaign was to specifically support each model within the 206 range.


The campaign has to be just as rich as the range of vehicles. The agency designed visuals that are in line with the particularities and character of each model, reflecting the range’s great diversity.
Title "La Fleur"
Agency BETC Euro RSCG
City Paris
Advertiser Peugeot
Brand Name Peugeot
Product Name 206 Hdi Fap
Business Sector Cars
Date of First Publication 10/2004
Market France
Country of Production France
Language French
Type Print
Awards Grand Prix de la Publicité Presse Magazine, 2004 (Agency of the Year)
Creative Director: Rémi Babinet
Art Director: Joann Ameline
Account Director: Raphaël de Andréis
Account Supervisor: Amagoia Martiarena
Illustration: Psychopathe
Advertising Manager: Jean-Christophe Midey, Philippe Just, Erick Dazza, Vincent Drouet

Dogs rule

An eye-catching and very charming outdoor campaign for Pedigree dog food by TBWA. As for the print campaign, the photography is quite striking, "dans l'air du temps" as they say in French, which makes it ARRESTING! hehe!!...And funny! + Hug N' Sugar just love IT!!

Lights-out day

In a bid to remind everyone of the amount of energy we waste every day, environmental groups are asking us to shut off the lights for five minutes between 6:55 and 7:00pm UK time today for the good of the planet--even the Eiffel Tower will be shut off for those 5 minutes. Officially dubbed " 5 minutes de répit pour la planète", the initiative is an effort to remind us--and our politicians--that we are wasting energy and need to take action.

ArabAd Peace Poster Design Contest

ArabAd Peace Poster Design Contest