BLOW IT ALL!! Designed by Hady Beydoun, the Lebanese tatoo-artist who will be present on Beach Spike day- May 19th to draw his spikiest skills from dusk till dawn. Here is how Hady perceives BEACH SPIKE. A day, where every person, belonging to the Communication industry, let loose on one of the most charming beach of Kuwait. Set, You bet? The power is on your side... C U THERE!!


Father of 3 said...

Tattoo artist going mainstream as graphic artist in ad world. In the US, we have had graffiti artists cross over and I for one, think it's great. Art is art. That Beach Spike Day sounds like a lot of fun..I am tempted to make the 18 hour flight over there! (not gonna happen!)

The Zone said...

Would be great if you can drop by to join all spikers here. Ogilvy & Mather NY v/s Memac Ogilvy Kuwait. Sounds good to me!!:))
As for Tattoo artists going mainstream, well that's the way it should be...
Joining Art & Communication what a better formula to pass on messages.. "THE POWER OF SYNERGY" affirms Mustapha Assaad -President & CEO of Publicis.Graphics - in ArabAd May Issue.
Would be just perfect if all streets would be full of artsy billboards instead of that flex traditional banner adapted from press ads..uurgh!! Kuwait's graphic scene is quite uurgh...
To paraphrase Mustapha, "Ladies & Gentlemen, our world has become an illusion, with less time to create and more time to execute. Let us, for a moment, become a collective "idealist". Let us make it our "promise of happiness". I invite all of us to instigate a worldwide full-scale communication campaign for art. For those who speak the language of brands, let us make Art a brand, and for those who speak their senses, let us make Art a passion.
No matter what the language is, let us all speak with the "Intelligence of our hearts".

Mustapha, am with you all the way...John too..Thanks for the comment. Will be shooting "Hi Malverne Little League" for you on Beach Spike day..


Father of 3 said...

Thanks so much. I found this blog and has some interesting ads.


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