Stay Tuned

By the way, the 25th menu of The Night of The Adeaters is loaded with public awareness campaigns... & great surprises. A unique and tasty program is awaiting all Adeaters of Kuwait. Just hope that censorship doesn't knock it all. Another thing is sure, and established Adeaters have inherited an important habit: "The Night" with no clappers ain't one! It goes hand in hand. Clapping to the ads we like, to the music that appeals to us, booing the ones that we believe missed the point, etc. is an intrinsic part of this international show. THE NIGHT OF THE ADEATERS by the French Chef, Jean Marie BOURSICOT is scheduled for February 20-21, 2006- Shaab Cinema. Tickets will be sold at Virgin Megastore starting Feb. 1st. A plus tard Crocodile!

Till then, search for the big idea, urging your imagination to guide you further -or ease yourself and wait till February’s screening where you will join "the Big Idea Planet & Friends” for a mind-blowing experience.

Keep it unreal and Stay tuned!

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