BURGER KING Restaurants Celebrate Universal Picture’s King Kong with One of the Biggest Burgers in Company History It seems that tobacco companies are not the only companies that are trying to kill their customers. Burger King has added its biggest burger ever as part of a promotional tie with the movie King Kong. The new triple burger-the TRIPLE WHOPPER with cheese sandwich, which the company describes as a sandwich that will “satisfy even Kong-sized craving,” contains three-fourths of a pound of beef and more than 1,400 calories. That’s enough calories to sustain a person for an entire day and enough to keep three third-world children alive for another day. Then, there’s the 42-ounce chocolate banana milkshakes that have been introduced as part of the promotion. Are we that insensitive to the warning about gluttony in the Biblical list of the seven deadly sins? P.S.: Btw, King Kong opened in theaters worldwide on Dec. 14, 2005.


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So is the Adeaters menu..If ur in town , check it out! Tickets will be on sale at Virgin Megastore starting Feb.

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