Never too late

October was a Breast Cancer Awareness month. Here are three ads from Dubai & Kuwait pertaining to that matter. The 1st for Burjuman Foundation is done in association with Khaleej Times by Intermarkets, Dubai - Creative Director: Virendra Deshmukh The 2nd one is done by Campbell- Ewald - UAE for Emirates Today publication - Creative Director: Jude Cherian; Copywriter: Shoaieb Shaikh The 3rd ad by Graffiti Marketing Communications, Kuwait - Creative Director, Boutros al Hajj.

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Anonymous said...

What do we have here.. Hmmm The first Ad was OK, but what does a brush and a palette has to do with breasts? Looks to me as if it's an ad for a female painter or something like that.. Not Good.

The Second One, It's SO VERY WONDERBRA.. Cmon guys, when was the last time you've checked the archives?
(Hmmm, wonderbra could work on pink)

The Third One Looks like a sale ad for a lingerie.. Could work with a headline that says: "HURRY! OFFER GOOD WHILE SUPPLIES LAST"

Nice posts, Anyways...


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