This ad designed by Impact / BBDO, Beirut to Support Children Cancer Center of Lebanon was exhibited in Cannes last year as part of the ACT event.

The objective of this ad was to raise funds for the Children�s Cancer Center of Lebanon. The use of children's building blocks to write the word support and leaving out the letter U was meant to emphasise that the cause to support children with cancer is only missing one thing and that is you.

Since its birth in 2001, ACT has become the heart of responsible advertising, which goal is to promote creative work and inspiring messages created by agencies from all continents. Every year Advertising Community Together (ACT) encourages the ad community to share its vision, important messages, and focal issues, to increase awareness and influence people for better practices. To participate this year click HERE, as deadline for entries' submissions was extended till Jan, 31st and will compete at IAA World Congress in Washington, April 2008. 11 participant ads came from 5 agencies of the Middle East, a very weak participation according to Geraldine Aragou, ACT collection manager who expressed its surprise to ArabAd magazine wondering about the reasons behind this frail participation: “we really would like to show more creations from this part of the world, we think they probably do great work about out subjects and we don’t understand why they are not participating more”. ACT 2007 received 400 entries tackling sustainable development issues; 105 agencies from 33 different countries took part in this annual event. They competed on the basis of subject importance and of course creativity. The exhibition--spread across 1000sqm-- held at the Palais du Festival during Cannes Advertising Festival, attracted 5000 visitors, a 43 % increase from last year.

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