A teaser for O TV [Michel Aoun's own channel branded as the ORANGE TV, for the colour he appropriated to flash his audience and party loyalist]- NAWARET in Arabic has no literal sharp translation but means THE LIGHT IS ON - BRIGHTNESS & TRUTH brought by the General's TV channel---A pompous message in perfect concordance with Michel Aoun's tone, language and character. As for the light he claims he'll be bringing, well, that's another story and not the aim of this blog to debate. GOOD LUCK GENERAL AND ONE LAST THING, ORANGE WASN'T A WISE CHOICE, NOR AS COLOR OR WHAT IT COULD REPRESENT... A FRUIT FOR A POLITICAL PARTY, COMMON'.... However, this visual hit the nail and scooped a Silver Pikasso in 2006; Agency: Public Graphics Beirut CD: Sami Saab AD: David Bekhazi; Patrick Nacouzi CW: Sami Saab, Maya Maacaron

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Anonymous said...

Is the "Chaddeh" meant to be a rotated lower case "m" (for Michel Aoun) or what?

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