Go faster but take it eeZee

Here is an ad from Kuwait for eGo MTC's mobile internet device for a faster connection. However, this ad was done for FCC, agent of Nokia mobiles that support this new service. Credits: CD: Gilbert S. Semillano AM: Marianne Rahal CW: May Rhoumani AD: Hassan Khanso Client: Future Communications, Kuwait Published: April 2007 HERE'S THE REAL DEAL FOLKS


mark said...

Ummm thats total BS. e-GO is an MTC service and has nothing to do with Future Communications. This ad was never released nor could it ever. There isn't even an MTC logo on it. It was never published and would never get published because Nokia has nothing to do with the e-GO.

Gilbert you shouldn't publish stuff like this, it will get you in trouble.

HUE&ME said...


Dude, sorry for the trouble.. I know you guys handle MTC and EGO’s one of the services under it.. Actually, we have made an ad for FCC that advertises EGO under MTC that says it’s availability at FCC outlets in the country, Now regarding the ad you saw, it was an extract from the ad that was released and I'm sorry if it causes you and the people involved some stir, now I stand firm to the fact that we have released an ad for EGO (and mind the BS. you’ve stated earlier), anyways, I have asked Ghadda and Ziad to have both ads replaced with the one that has the MTC stripline below but with the FCC template knocked-down. Hope the issue doesn’t caused any trouble on both sides since we are just showcasing our works here. No harm done, just plain creatives:-)


The Zone said...


Hope all is well in your part, The reason I emailed you is that I would like to inform you regarding the ad Ive sent you and that you've posted (EGO fast ad), I got some reactions from people involved with MTC and FCC, and we would like to have it REPLACED with the one I have attached, I have informed Ziad from adblogarabia about the issue and I assume he's done the same, I am sorry for the trouble, I find it disappointing, the fact that sensitivity overrides creativity sometimes..Thanks so much and I appreciate your immediate action to the matter.


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