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When boundaries boost Creativity, Imagination & Inspiration For Oman Economic Review, a campaign that speaks for itself and echoes greatly and perfectly the kind of challenges that creative minds have often to overcome, when unleashing their juices while working in countries that have set their own boundaries. Fortune Promoseven, Oman is the agency behind this campaign initiated by the nation economic publication; it aims at generating awareness vis-`à-vis drinking and driving.


Neda said...

This is a great blog! I just discovered it!. I have a question: did you catch the newest advertising on LBC (via satellite) made by LOWE MENA? I think it's called "Bkifaki." If so, would you please contact me and let me know? I am trying to locate it on the web. Again, BRAVO !!


ArabAd's Zone said...

The TVC you're referring to is entitled 'Bikafi' meaning enough...It is created by Lowe MENA indee.
I can email it to you in mpeg format if interested.. Let me know or send me your email to sirdab@gmail.com.
& many thanks for your kind comments..Keep on droppin' by, though blog isn't updated on daily basis as we are snowed by work, interesting events that will be publicised soon.
You can always check the ArabAD archive on arabadcreative.blogspot.com
or some eye-candy communication on

Meanwhile stay well
Sugarpop from the Zone in Beirut

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