Imitation or one more suprising coincidence?

Aramex campaign designed by FP7 Qatar
CD: Fadi Yaish
Dubai Lynx recently handed a Gold Award in the outdoor category for Aramex campaign designed by FP7 Doha.
Here at ArabAd, we were stunned to stumble across a similar concept and execution designed by DDB Brazil for a competitive brand: Fed Ex that is!
Yep, no one but Fed Ex... How surprising!!!
Fed Ex campaign designed By DDB Brazil -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
The exit argument has always been "Great Minds think alike..."
Well great! & NO COMMENTS...
But a copycat ad handed a Gold Dubai Lynx Award, ain't that too much? Too bad...
See for yourself, then draw your own conclusions...
Last time, we pinpointed a copycat ad (See below: Chateau Musar, Chateau Kefraya), the feedback was puzzling...you can check it out in ArabAd March issue...In short, the reply was: yeah, so what?! Everyone copies anyone, that's life, that's how advertising works; and the best awards are loaded with copycats and the likes; you are wasting your time busting imitators, it's nothing but a normal behaviour in our industry.... I swear that was one of the replies; the second letter just claimed having never ever seen the original ad...Huuuh yeah, right! They work in advertising but never notice the ads around...So funny, we might die!

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simon said...

"Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery"; "Living well is the best revenge". And my original, Miscreants abound in all professions.

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