The 25th Night of the Adeaters

Besides its practicality, advertising can influence mentalities, change the image of a city or may even initiate real folklore and stimulate one to ACT responsibly. It is definitely through diversity that we learn the most valuable lessons and expand our horizons.

This is one of the reasons why – in addition to the fact that “The Night” is set as always to be a load of fun and inspiration - The Communication Zone, with the support of major sponsors such as MTC, Mac City, Al Rai TV, TV5 Monde, Hugo Boss, Sharq Mall to name a few, decided to offer the Kuwaiti public the most successful show devoted to advertising, with a tradition of twenty five years of screening in more than 50 countries and consisting of over 400 commercials:

The Night of the Adeaters

For those who aren’t “in the know”, The Night of the Adeaters is the TV commercials buffet specially cooked by the French chef Jean Marie Boursicot for all ad-icts and cinema lovers. A unique program for the 25th edition of “The Night”, encompassing some of the most amazing TV commercials in the world, is scheduled for February 2006.

If the mentioned above sounds tasty to your ears and if you have an appetite for clever commercials, you will surely enjoy this view-athon of TV commercial mania from all over the world that will be screened at Cinescape Shaab-Kuwait.

Get ready for an avalanche of ad-licious commercials, a 3-hour fun ride with invigorating breaks on this 25th year of Adeaters existence.


The Stallion said...

When will "The Night" be held this year?

The Zone said...

Actually we are trying to find a way not to encounter censorship coz the program is loosing a lot of its rhythm...Whenever, you'll be notified!

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