Is IRAN next?

“Will Iran be the next battlefield?” This one was created by an ad agency in Amman-Jordan by Hayan Maani


Magical Droplets said...

I seriously hope not

zelda said...

they are good this jordanians ...
va sur mon dernier blog tu vas rigoler ... bise
tu me manques donnes te tes nouvelles /

Anonymous said...

I wish I meet Hayan Maani one day for I would to thank him a lot.

really really amaizing Hayan!

many graphic or ad designers may use the counter but u r the 1st one who invested it spectacularly.

go a head Hayan.

Firas Damdoum

Amman - Jordan

Anonymous said...

spectacularly done! Good work Hayan

and go a head.

Moey said...

nice work from jordan, which agency?

ArabAd Peace Poster Design Contest

ArabAd Peace Poster Design Contest