Sevan Kouyoumjian

Sevan Kouyoumjian ranked top 1, 8th and 10th; here with Amira Behbehani and Timo Everi two of the jurors. Sevan is a graphic desighner at Horizon FCB kuwait. Sevan won a roundtrip ticket to Phuket island in Thailand with four nights at Phuket Hilton Resort, in addition to Imotion speakers and Ipod Nano courtesy of The Communication Zone. SEVAN, your creativity and vision rocked! Have a nice trip to blissful Thailand! The black one is top ONE- The blue is ranked 10- download pix to check it properly-


Al Draku said...

Mouse or Elephant?

Whaddya think?

Anonymous said...

yes it's a mouse... meooowwwwww

Seb said...

Congratulations SEVAN!
such a great and talended work, go on :)

ArabAd Peace Poster Design Contest

ArabAd Peace Poster Design Contest