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FEEL CREATIVE. HAVE THE CREATIVE FEEL!! DRAW ME AN ELEPHANT For all graphic designers, art & creative directors, all of you artists in Kuwait here is your chance to runaway to Phuket and chill for 4 nights at Hilton Phuket. & u can meet reeeeeeeeeeeeal elephants if u wish! JUST CREATE THE FEEL..... u will get notified when The Blue Elephant Art Show will be launched....then, there is the dinner for all participant artists & friends (free of charge of course)at the Blue Elephant Royal Thai restaurant, where the 3 winners will be awarded. It's the 'winner dinner' where the first will get the chance to fly to Phuket.Wohoo! The 3rd will get to enjoy all facilities at Kuwait Hilton Resort for a week-end...Wooha! IT'S GONNA POP UP BIG TIME!! That's a promise....:))

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I've been to the Blue Elephant exhibit last week and it was amazing! The art works were great.. Mostly digital but nice. I saw only few hand-made arts but were excellent! I hope that the judges would pick the deserving ones to win.. with nothing but pure creativity and skill in mind to judge. Nothing bias (?)


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ArabAd Peace Poster Design Contest