IT's a Maze 4 US 2 TRY!! Ad by BBDO Chile for Sony, the PSP of course...& this is some stunning work! Get LOST.... so you can find your way.... Life is just a game... a fun game...


mohamed fadel fahmy said...

Hi G. Your blog is very refreshing and it's fun to read especially for people like me who are not very aware of the ad world..... How you came up with the BLUE ELEPHANT COMPETITION, I HAVE NO CLUE..BUT IT ROCKS....Very excited to see the winner.... I read your blog entry at 5 am last night 9, minutes after you submitted it!!! KEWL!!

The Zone said...

cheers M00DY...thx 4ur kind note...it's very much about POP culture...& above all, we like to mess with reality...But sometimes, it's beyond words!

ArabAd Peace Poster Design Contest

ArabAd Peace Poster Design Contest