Sweet street

For all who hate paying for parking, take a walk on Candyland.. POP IT, LICK IT!! METER POPS, a street installation by Mark Jenkins, Washington DC-based prankster artist who has taken his surreal genius to the streets wrapping parking meters to resemble lollipops. A sweet blend of imagination, creativity & some madness i guess...


Jen said...

I was browsing blogs and came across yours. Great blog! I espcially loved this picture, making something so hateful into lollipops, genious!

Something you may be intersted in...have you heard of the heidelberg project? It was something started in Detroit (USA) to bring back forgotten neighborhood. You may want to check it out, it received a lot of positive and negative press a few years back but survived. You can read more about it here:


The Zone said...

Hey thx for your kind note. & cheers for the tip..Checked the heidelberg project & already posted intro from site...Good stuff in there, perfect initiave actually.. That's what we, @ The Zone, in sand land Kuwait, are trying to trigger. Same state of mind, same direction.. Again, cheers :))

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