3 religions, one love

Coexistence by Yuri Surkov Russia 2000 - "We are all different, but together compose one whole 'Coexistence', which has three religions peacefully living next to each other, in one world!" This poster was designed for the Israeli Museum on the Seam. The museum advocates the ending of the war, and encourages people to make agreements, and be more tolerant.


Anonymous said...

Nice. I like it.

Mr. Brain

Father of 3 said...

I like the term coexistence better than tolerance. This works for me. Simple, but creative.

Father of 3 said...

I miss your updates. Are you on vacation?

The Zone said...

OOH that's d sweetest:)) So cool... My energy was running low & here u got me back on track..need positiveness & here you r!!
Well, scroll down n check the BLUE ELEPHANT ART SHOW . Am in d middle of IT.. Having a great time...
Just wraped up the Night of the Adeaters..
Will post 4u only ;) n right now, couple of pictures, a glimpse from these two inspirational events where a whirlwind of creativity rocked Q8.. :D
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