ACT4Q8 identity trial

Here are some logos that have been submitted by friends for the new born Collective ACT4Q8(Advertising Community Together for Kuwait), a project that will hopefully trigger more responsible attitudes towards major public issues such as drug abuse, road safety, fighting terrorism, environmental matters, promotion of tolerance & respect etc. ACT4Q8's objective is to draw together advertising campaigns created locally to ignite social responsibility & public awareness on a national level. So help us choose the logo for ACT4Q8's identity by telling us which one you like most. As mentionned in previous post (scroll down to read more), ACT4Q8 is in its preparation phase. Working on a logo for this new born project born out from the urgent need to move forward and evolve more responsibly in the community. Give us your feedback on what is already posted as different options, it will surely ease our job. And of course if you have a better idea, feel free to shoot it if you wish. logo I, VI, VII, VIII & IX: by Tamima Salam logo II, III, IV & V: by Mohamad AlAsfahani logo X, XI & XII by BIG SAM (newly added) logo XII by Rajesh Gandhi A- GREENERY ; C- ROAD SAFETY; T- WORKING HARD; 4- COMMUNICATION; Q- BEING HAPPY; 8- FOR KUWAIT Many indicators are highlighting the growing importance of social responsibility so isn't time we ACT responsibly too?


Anonymous said...

i personally like # 2 & 4. it took me a while to notice that the Q & 8 were part of the Q8 towers...pretty slow huh??? but i also like the way they have incorporated the colours of the Q8y flag into the towers.
pretty cool.
keep the votes coming in guys...you might have a say in part of Kuwaits newest project!!!
Esay LoCo

Anonymous said...

i personally like # 2 & 4. it took me a while to notice that the Q & 8 were part of the Q8 towers...pretty slow huh??? but i also like the way they have incorporated the colours of the Q8y flag into the towers.
pretty cool.
keep the votes coming in guys...you might have a say in part of Kuwaits newest project!!!

Keep going...this blog rulez!!
Esay LoCo

Mahi said...

I like the the concept ACT4Q8, but don’t like any of those logos submitted. It smells many other logos in this market, GREEN, RED, BLACK... overused, mmmQ8Tower smells Marina FM and many. Cant we thing some thing G8, since there is an ad community behind? r u still able to receive options?

Mahi said...

I like the the concept ACT4Q8, but don’t like any of those logos submitted. It smells many other logos in this market, GREEN, RED, BLACK... overused, mmmQ8Tower smells Marina FM and many. Cant we thing some thing G8, since there is an ad community behind? r u still able to receive options?

The Zone said...

yeah sure we are still open for options & we appreciate and welcome ppl who back up such intiatives, so anythg u feel like submitting, plz do before Feb. 25th; but plz stick to ACT4Q8 no ACTG8 eventhough there is an ad community behind. This is a purely local collective to raise public awareness in Kuwait for Kuwait.
& again thx for your interest.

Anonymous said...

The logos looked like they were made overnight. Nice efforts but hey guys, It needs work. Honestly, the design were too cliché, You need something that Visually represents the movement's visions and It should look Intelligent and have that international standards. Please read and study the brief. The logo should kick a#*, since it reps the ad community.

respect to the designers, peace!

Young Gun

The Zone said...

oooouch..this is harsh & just easy!
U know what they say? to criticize, u have @ least 2come up with a better idea, one of intelligent standard as u say..
anyway, thx for dropping by.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 3 looks like he's d master of all masters... Show us ur capabalities buddy!!
SHOOT since u call yourself young gun.

Anonymous said...

Is the Zone willing to pay professional fee?

Sorry, Monstero but I don't think I can SHOOT as you'd want me to, I don't want to waste a bullet.

Young Gun

Anonymous said...

that's d challenge buddy. shoot? make it yourself since it's yours. challenge yourself then you're just collecting things... go out

The Zone said...

Nooops, not willing to pay any fee...No flous... just contribution to the community...It's not a Zone thing my friend!! & if u r into advertising just 4 d bucks then keep walkin'....

The Zone said...

ooops it's gettin' hot in here...

A question for 10 bucks: what turns a creative supercreative every morning?


Anonymous said...

MAFI FLOUS?.. Oh I see, that's why you are getting amateurish designs, nothing to motivate the designers really. Well, FREE STUFF is not bad (for you) anyway..

Yo, HIGH VOLTAGE it's about how to create a decent logo. No trivias please. And don't raise questions about supercreatives (can't find 'em in here)

Young Gun

Jazz Central said...

I personally go for this..

It's simple, catchy, and the red color is srticking and catches the attention. The samples with the Kuwait Towers are cool, but i think the use of the Kuwait Towers is axhuasted in alot of logos in Kuwait.

Good luck. And can I join this community?

The Zone said...

So you're in d business for d money young gun.Hehe..that's why u'll never go Big! No worries..Better u build a bridge & get over it!

U know the whole point of ACT4Q8 is to go out from the usual-as an assigned job- where only d dinars counts...Again it's made as a community involvement. Anyway, ur bullets don't hurt...cuz it's obvious ur still immature.
Peace out.

The Zone said...

u can email whatever stuff u have for ACT4Q8 at sirdab@gmail.com

BIG SAM ! said...

When Canons speak young Guns REMAIN SILENT !

“Before all else, be armed.”
Niccolo Machiavelli

It’s kind of funny how some people think, specially YOUNG ones, as our friend THE YOUNG GUN, come on man be real and watch yourself talking, “Professional Fees” ??? OUCHHH that’s hurt cuz that’s extremely unprofessional, beside that ur criticizing the work with empty hands OUCHHH again cuz that’s hurt more … u can keep shooting in the air maybe u gonna b a millionaire which I DOUBT.
Man you sized urself in a very bad way n’ I’m sorry for dat, what kind of designers r u ?

Who doesn’t want to earn some mony ? who doesn’t want a raise ? AND WHO DOESN’T WANT TO BE APPRECIATED, there’s classy people and there’s another kind, there's professional people and there's also another kind it's up to you which side to choose.

Honestly I didn’t like the previous work so I added my own stuff so I can loudly speak yes guyz I didn’t like the previous work and here’s mine.

Now, put your microphone down n’ warm up ur brain buddy come on bring it up dude show us what u got maybe ur tiny bullets would hit the bull’s-eye.

Note: u can’t get into the war with young gun, cuz u will be doomed

Anonymous said...

Oh What's going on in here? Someone's getting flamed? That's what I'm talkin' about.. Buddy? Don't get too emotional..You have to be RATIONALE.. yeah? Designer? Do you know the real meaning of DESIGN, huh? Why don't you go back to designing 101 and find out. Oh so you call your stuff work? well, define work dude..? Canons huh? well to tell you frankly, yeah right canons are big guns but hollow on the inside that really represents who you are.. can't blame you for that.. I might remain a YOUNG GUN... Buddy


Anonymous said...

of course we choose prof....

old gun

Xami said...

Bang Bang he shoot me down...youngun is going down...
Show don't tell...Mr. "Professional fee"

Anonymous said...

Hi, Ive seen the logos for act. Can I join in and how can I send my studies?



The Zone said...

Kimozave, sure u can join...
It's a hot battle in here it seems; which is quite sad but it's a perfect reflection of the spirit of the ad industry in Q8. SADly sad!

BIG SAM ! said...

Raise it up !
“Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart give yourself to it.”

Hey YOUNGY, still holding your Mic ?
I think you should thank god for the Designing 101 cuz without it u wouldn’t be able to know what is “DESIGNER”.
Canons r hollow on the inside hummm (let me think about it) ok maybe that’s true but when things get real canons solve problems now youngy what about young guns ? they make noise but they don’t hurt, even the noise they make is funny :)
Dude, I love the part about (forever YOUNG GUN) man this is so funny, keep it up BUDDY, keep shooting your tiny bullets cuz they make me laugh YOUNGY.

Note : Focus on ACT4Q8 youngy don’t push it further, show us what u have.

Anonymous said...

really how hot. how sad. we're immune already... ad agency here are hopeless they are commanded by their clients... that's hopeless that's sad that's immunity.... hurray we're going somewhere down the dune. hihihihi huhuhuhu waaaaaaa

Anonymous said...

what reflection? what spirit?!!!! ads here have nothing to do with spirit. they are all tangible. all seen by your naked eye, too materialistic. please don't mention that again...



Anonymous said...

Truly it is SAD... knowing that you don't have enough talents to create a simple logo. How can you convince the community if you can't make a convincing logo? People here are GIGANTIC when it comes to audacity but they're cramped when it comes to talents. Pretty Pathetic.

Watch out, I'm aiming at You.

Bang! Bang!

Young Gun

The Zone said...

Poor u young gun.. Am speechless! specially that u just got busted with a HUUUUUUUGE copycat case from ur agency that will b published here soon. So watch it cuz ur a shame 2this industry. Tiger gaucho is busted!
Stay tuned!

Anonymous said...

the problem with the canon they're too loud they destroy anything, young and old within their range... they destroy those talent that should be preserve forever... but alas they have no mercy... they loud everything, look at big sam he already destroyed the world.... so hold on to that laughing gun maybe you only have to shoot it on bulls eye. like this.... *

anyway keep on moving
sometimes we need to go to fire to burn down waste materials and use the real guns


Anonymous said...

1---“Before all else, be armed.”
Niccolo Machiavelli

2---“Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart give yourself to it.”

What's next Big Sam? Or Who's next?

Stop using quotes of people dude, You make me laugh.. You sound like an OLD TIMER, are you? Be Original. You need my advise? Stop designing.. Go work for a Shawarma shop or sell peanuts or something. You really have no idea what you're talking about, no directions where you going (like your BIG CANON) and mostly No sense of any artistic or creative of some kind. poor thing. PITY.

Young Gun

big sam said...

Youngy Youngy Youngy !

Listen up guyz youngy is aiming, man what is ur problem u r making everybody laugh man give me a break ok ?

First of all logos posted here are not done by the zone, they r done by passionate people who like to participate and have the spirit and the courage to show what they have and they r all appreciated for the work they done.

Second, man u r extremely funny “Watch out, I'm aiming at You.” Hahahah
Wooooo spooky funny youngy…..

Keep aiming at your designing 101
Reload your tiny bullets and make my day

The Zone said...

well well well young & jammed gun stop ur low blahblahblah.
Ur the only one here who should go back revising Design 101...

We believe ur behind the copycat of Gaucho Grill & u deserved to get busted.

Actually it's a SHAME! & u have the audacity to talk 'bout design. HA! & BIG BANG!!

BIG SAM said...

Ooops youngy did it again !

Stop designing.. Go work for a Shawarma shop or sell peanuts or something.
Youngy, young gun

“what about this quote” ?
Hahaha that’s what I really like about u youngy u never disappoint me and u keep me laughing man :)
I told you from the start there’s classy people and there’s another kind of, however u really proved which side u r on.
Our friend youngy is talking about originality, directions and the sense of art, THE SENSE OF ART ? well buddy obviously u r far away from it youngy u really need a shrink or shawarma sandwich will be enough cuz u already have the peanuts in ur head bro !
Man u r nothing more than such an embarrassing figure and that’s where ur originality is.
Originality hah ??? Shawarma ??? oh man ur so original guy with sense of art.

Note : waiting for your next joke YOUNGY, plz make it original like shawarma, hahahahahah

JAM said...

Young Gun is d only negative person in here..Strange & Y is that? Any grunge buddy against d bloggers themselves?
seems like it...
Plus u got the whole point wrong!


X said...

When and who will select d logo???

The Zone said...

Logo 4 ACT4Q8 will b selected by the end of Feb. However if by then, no logos were satisfactory to the ppl behind the project, well it will b extended till we receive the logo that meets the challenge.
As for who will choose it the appropriate logo, surely the Zone, the ppl behind the project but of course with valuable opinions from here & there..
Any other questions Mr. X?

Logos for ACT4Q8 are to b sent to


Top Gun said...

Young Gun, where r u? u stopped barking?!?


X said...

None so far am glad we r back on track :) thx 4 asking

Anonymous said...

PLAY FAIR guys, U r afraid of showing the people what YOUNG GUN is saying? Why? TRUTH HURTS? Probably. Show the people the other side of the coin. If you want it, you have to bear it ALL. DON'T censor my comments and play blind and dumb.

I will be around.. did U miss me?

Young (still laughing) Gun

The Zone said...

young gun's msgs can't b lower...
poor guy...

Anonymous said...

wow...guys what the hell is going on here...last time i checked out this blog is was all peachy and now...i guess you can say its on fire.
Youngy, what are you doing, you seem to be embarrassing yourself!!
come on...isnt there more important things to worry bout in the world. to be honest i think you are being quite petty but then again that is my opinion (although i think a lot of people will back me up)
i dont really like picking on you but from what i have read it seems that you deserve it.
oh well...i guess the world cant be perfect and its the little glitches (you) that make life that extra bit more interesting.
anyway i guess my point is get a life and keep building those bridges...and no, we didnt really miss you ;)
no hard feelings - moa xxx :*

the rest of you guys - keep it up, i love reading your comments

zip it out and zip it in

ESay LoCo

Anonymous said...

BTW Biggy - i love your logos, so if it is ok i would like to change my vote.
i pick U!
ESay LoCo

The Zone said...

keep laughing till u choke u low looser! we busted ur ass & that's y ur retaliating... U know that we know who u r...just a poor simple mind...No wonder, TIGER, hands up ur sooo busted !!!

The bridge... u know what to do w it? or shall i remind u??...

The Zone said...

Well there has been some big time negativity for this post!!

Donno Y?

Donno how such a positive project can turn so negative because of bored jealous mean dumb asses?

We've been receiving the meanest comments ever...comments that have been rejected because of their explicit shameful sleazy content.

We, at The Zone, are open to all critics & we are beyond fairplay but on ACT4Q8 it got too low, too mean & beyond anyone's imagination.

Obviously, we r bothering some miserable persons!! No worries!

So let the tiger bark...let young gun shoot his empty bullets.
Just a frustrated lonely creature, no wonder!! These ppl are just lost wicked vile souls!
& rejection there will be as long as it's insulting!!


Rajesh Gandhi said...

nice to know of a body conscious of moral responsibilties.

I have also tried my hand at creating one desgin for ACT4Q8. Its not a professional job since I did not have the right s/w to design it.


Hope it appeals.

Rajesh Gandhi

X said...

It got very quite here y?

ArabAd Peace Poster Design Contest

ArabAd Peace Poster Design Contest