40 million visitors

Mail a postcard today showing Times Square and it’s already out of date. The “postcard view” of Times Square now comes with a Corona. Actually, two. One of the most iconic views of Times Square has a new look, thanks to two massive 30-by-90-foot Corona signs going up today. The two signs flank the Coca-Cola sign on the south-facing Two Times Square -- generally regarded as the most photographed address in the area. 40 million visitors Times Square draws 40 million annual individual visitors -- roughly equivalent to 14% of the U.S. population, and Kodak estimates the area is in more than 100 million snapshots a year. Source: AdAge


Father of 3 said...

Interesting blog about a fascinating place. I am in NYC at O&M adv.

The Zone said...

Welcome to the Zone!
Enjoy d surf!

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