Beat Cancer

Beat Cancer by Team/Y&R--- Dubai ART DIRECTOR: Syam Manohar COPYWRITER: Shehzad Yunus


Father of 3 said...

Very smart ad. Simple yet smart.

Debbie said...

I agree...I really liked it...its simple but it gets the message across in a clever way.

Anonymous said...

But then again.. It could've been great. People might ask: What's that hand sign say? Does it mean anything? LOCAL relevance in Dubai? Like would've been better if the hand sign says the "i love you" or " peace" signs over the breast text headline that would have given another subliminal thought or message that relates with the subjet:-)

Review (Dubai guys).. review..don't rush it.
Deadlines kill great ads.. always.

Also, It looks very familiar, I think it's not an original ad. Hmm.. let me check my archives (Zone, pls check on this)

Mr. Brain

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