Dont mess with meth

THE ART OF ADVERTISING FOR SHIT THAT MATTERS By Fine Artist/Illustrator, KRISTIAN OLSON-United States, for a public service campaign against methamphetamine use.


Olivier Belame said...

This is a very artistic ad indeed. But I wonder if public service ads truly influence ppl or make them change their minds. Do you believe that they would make ppl ACT differently? Human beings are hard to get, tough to impress, persuade or change. Nevertheless, it's worth trying... KEEP IT UP guys, V.INTERESTING BLOG! & I fully agree that Koweit needs "BIG TIME AWARENESS" on multiple of matters/issues..
C U...
Oh one more thing: When will the tickets for LA NUIT DES PUBLIVORES go on sale, & where can we get them?

The Zone said...

Hey Olivier, thk u for dropping by our blog.. the tickets for LA NUIT DES PUBLIVORES by JEAN MARIE BOURSICOT will go on sale the first week of February @ Virgin Megastore / Marina Mall. U can also call THE ZONE office anytime to book yours. # 5353947

As for the effectiveness of public awareness advertising, we agree that people are tough to convince but that shouldn't stop anyone in trying to prevent catastrophes or major vicious problems such as domestic violence, road accidents, AIDS, intolerance & so much more.
Here at The Zone, we truly believe that the advertising industry has a duty towards its community to regain credibility. Since advertising is believed to have the power of persuasion, it's worth dealing with such major issues.. Advertsing people create & propagate messages all day long to trigger sales. Why not gear it to trigger AWARENESS on important matters inherent to our survival. Advertising has an educational mission as well as an informative, a tutorial role in responsible and civilized societies. Right?!
Nevertheless, the mainstream of society tends to view any deeply felt engagement with an ironic distance. That irony allows a comfortable somnambulism. The mainstream reaction is to laugh it off. But THE danger, is that, we will be destroyed by our own inability to pierce the flowing Apathy.
Time to wake up, Time to ACT, ACT4Q8!!!
Stay tuned to ACT4Q8 soon.

G. from The Zone

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