It could be so Glue

By Leo Burnett- Singapore Lately, we're seeing so many ads turning into one direction which is an artful one; whether mixed media, collages, painting, drawing you name it...It is confirming what we always believed in, Advertising is Art, Creativity is skilful, imaginative, Communication is nothing but art if you want it to stick in the mind of the consumer and trigger an emotional bond. Couple of years ago, there were very clear lines between art & advertising. Nowadays, the trend has kind of forced the creatives to blur the lines to the point that it would be hard to leave that path. In fact, the industry as a whole ( not in Q8 though!!) has managed to marry this trend, creating an environment where increasingly, advertising imitates art. Some ads are so artistic that you'd like to keep them, hang them as a piece of art. Subsequently, the main core of advertising that is to sell, would be attained since you get forcefully attached to the product through ART. Will be posting more of those artsy adverts.. & you can scroll down to check out some others in that same spirit and feel such as Nike, EMI, Converse & more.


zelda said...

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