Another amazing and smart guerilla ad for Canon S1. Wish we can see in Kuwait's streets, very soon, such creative and innovative ideas. What does it take to conceive and initiate such concepts? Especially that nowadays, Guerilla advertising is invading loads of countries. It seems to be the latest trend. But in all cases we would be followers, imitators; that's the way it is! nevertheless a rockin' idea would spare you the "hey, it's about time"; or "Ha, they copied this, they copied that" etc. Just a reminder: this is not a new mean of advertsing but it is somehow new and is called AMBIENT MEDIA. Google the word to learn more and preferably, apply the strategy. Thanking in advance every creative mind working in an ad agency in Kuwait for the much needed effort to challenge the classical way of doing things. Yalla!!! ENOUGH dullness, time for enthrallment to seduce your target. It's time to fascinate the consumer, to captivate your audience, to please, i mean PLEASE your client. Time for some enchantment in advertising; time to make us reconciliate with this industry coz believe it or not it's loosing its credibility BIG TIME, and in Kuwait more than any other place. We want to yell a WOW at every corner of a street. Y NOT? How impossible is that?? We have great creative minds, that is certain; but Y do they look handcuffed, debilitated by some mysterious reasons? PLEASE HELP liberate the minds!! :)) P.S: This blog is made for your inspiration and aspiration... HIT IT!!


Mark said...

if you want to inspire people my advice would be to atleast get a domain name first and move to wordpress. who still uses blogspot?

The Zone said...

Wow that's a definite looser's comment...Go boil yourself an egg, we don't have to justify y we use blogspot. The essence is here whether it's wordpress or bachibouzouk. Besides, your input is just pathetic!!!

zelda said...

putain ! heureusement que c;est pas de la pub pour les saucisses ,,, si non on serait toutes assises dessu a faire des photos a la con ;-))

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